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Sex is meant to bring us home to the Source of our being in ecstatic joy. It is meant to be wholly integrated with our higher levels of being and thus to flow as music through the entirety of our being. It is meant to serve all that is noble, joyous, innocent and free: to lift the human heart, to purify the soul, to open us to God.

Sex is pure. It is as pure as mother’s milk. The body is pure: as pure as sunbeams. It is only our mind that is corrupted from the child-like wonder of being humanly divine, and divinely human.

By divine I mean super good, deliciously fresh, scrumptiously joyous, and beautiful beyond belief. Think about this. What do you mean by Divine? Is it desirable to you? If not, it isn't Divine. Real Divine Life is what is deep inside us, it is the essence of who we are, beyond all the energetic reversals which plague us with deadened understandings and emotional unhappiness.

Look at the stars: what beauty; what wonder! The Divine is the Source of Existence. It is super positive energy flowing from super positive Being. It is wholly for us; entirely for our happiness. The Divine is supportive, uplifting, seeing the good and beautiful within us. It always and in every way works for our happiness, our highest good, our harmony and peace because that is just the way the Divine Source of all actually is.

To open ourselves fully is to experience Life as it is meant to be: to be sensitive to higher realms of beauty and subtle realms of universal wisdom; to love that which opens and blesses us into laughing joy. There is nothing degrading or punishing in God: all that stuff comes from twisted energies, dark heavy forces of anger, selfishness, insecurity, and arrogance that pull us down into chaos and suffering. Historically, repressed people expressed distortions of the Divine which hurt others, but now all that is passed if we are ready to move on. To be real in God is to rise like a feather on a breeze: to fly, to sail inwardly in Spirit-winds that are as kind as they are effortlessly free.

If you have experienced the dark side of your soul and of sex embrace your experience: see it for what it is. This is enough. This objective clear seeing changes your perspective. Let go of all negative energies, especially remorse, self-blame, and fear and turn your thoughts and intentions around. You can do it, by just a choice and the free exercise of your imagination. Move through resistence by affirming what you love.

Do you love the pure essence of sexual silkiness and ecstasy? That's great! Do you love the intimacy and naked openness? How wonderful! Do you love the interblending of your body and being with another loving person? So you should! God designed sex perfectly. So reconnect it to the highest and best within you and within us all. You can do this you know, for God is purely positive, like sunshine, and the Divine arms are open wide for you, always.
If you think God is critical of you, you are wrong. It is only you who are secretly critical of yourself. Because there is nothing but open freedom in God, forgive, let go, drop it and come home.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and see yourself being filled with Light right now. Imagine a luminous rain soaking you, showering into you with countless splashing drops of golden light. Let the darkness go. God does not require anything from you except this coming home to Light, to lightness of being, to openness of heart, to the essence of joy.

Your past experience, no matter how hard, degrading, or painful will become—in the positive flow of God’s Love—your personal treasure of wisdom, the fertile ground in which the Divine Rose of Love can grow. If you have experienced the disappointments of the selfish dark, let God Love you into the endless potential of Light. Let God soak into you in the same way you let the sun shine on and soak into your skin. Simply turn your face upward, open your arms wide and drink Light in with thankfulness. Ignore the darkness that denies Light. Say no to the dark by saying Yes to the Light. Be free!

Next time you feel sexual stimulation, either with yourself or your partner, draw it up from your sexual area to your heart, breathe it in fully, then let it flood through every cell of your body with its pure nature to open you. With the deep sigh of YES, open to Love; open to healing; open to newness; open to forgiveness; open to your own priceless true Being. Become an imaginative curious child again. Welcome Life as it joyfully works to restore your pure heart. And give up forever that part of you that wants to be punished, that wants to pay back, that wants to be degraded to prove just how worthless the dark belives you are. There is a priceless treasure in you. Pay the price to obtain it. Give up your addiction to negativity and allow God to happen. This opening is the essence of humility, the pathway to your true freedom.

God is a free power who makes all free. God is a pure working who undoes the knots, softens our emotional hardness, renews our ability to fully feel, loves us into Life’s true beauty. Love the Great Love and you will know that the Great Love has always been loving you.