The basic terms used in this workshop are:

Chi: Chinese for the breath of Life that is life-renewing and co-creative, meaning it responds to and manifest through our intention. From Chi springs the yin and yang forces that give rise to all substance and form. It is both energy and information. It is Chi that allows separate bodies to transmit energy to each other.

Other words for Chi:

Prana: The Hindu term for Chi.
Ruah: The Hebrew word translated Spirit in the Bible. It is feminine and can mean spirit, wind, or focused breath (like a blow). Holy Spirit (Qodesh Ruah) can mean clean wind, pure breath, sacred Spirit or any combinations of these words. Ruah is also called the Breath of God.
Chuluaqui: From the Native American Sweet Medicine path, the name for the primordial life-force energy.

Reiki: from Japan; a practice of opening up and letting Chi, the pure breath of Spirit flow through your hands into the body of another to open and balance them.

Laying on of hands: from Biblical spirituality. The Spirit flows through our being and is focused through our hands to heal others.

Chakras: Spiritual centers deep in the energetic levels of the body. There are 7 main Chakras, each pertaining to an important part of our being. Every major mystical spiritual tradition has practices to open and balance the chakra centers, though more popularized and traditionalized versions have not taught them.

Chakras in the Bible

You can research much information on Chakras on the internet if you are interested. For our purpose here it is helpful to just think of them as little windows in the body that open to the deepest reaches of your being and out into the infinite Source that is Pure Love.

Blessed: to be opened, healed, given favor, energized, and harmonized by the Spirit of the Divine.

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