Info Tent
It is good to start with easy stretching. It is also helpful to massage any stiff areas to get blood moving through them. Pay special attention to your neck muscles. Loosen up as much as possible. Then sit down in any way that is most comfortable for you, but preferably with your back straight to keep you alert.

It is important to quiet and focus you mind. If your mind is full of activity, here are some effective ways to quiet it:

1. Simply count backwards and relax different areas of your body as you do, one at a time.
Count 7: sigh slowly and relax all your face muscles.
Count 6: sigh and relax your neck and shoulders, then arms and hands.
Count 5: sigh and relax your back muscles.
Count 4: sigh and relax your buttocks and pelvic areas.
Count 3: sigh and relax your legs and feet.
Count 2: sigh and relax your stomach area.
Count 1 and draw a deep breath into your chest. Open your heart by feeling the emptiness of your breath deep in your chest and by saying, I open my heart wide to Love.

You can do this once or repeat it until you feel yourself relaxed and present.

2. Another thing you can do is draw breath deeply in through your open mouth. Feel the open and empty sense of the breath moving into your lungs. Draw the breath into your chest area, then down deeper, into your stomach. Just breathe deeply, feeling the breath moving through your mouth, in and out of your body. By feeling into the sensations your mind cannot wander. It comes into focus on the sensations which are right now, completely in the present moment. Your body is ALWAYS in the present moment of Life.
3. Another great method if you don't have much time and are just doing a quick HOL practice is to draw breath in naturally then breathe out with a long, slow sight. As you sigh, relax all your body. You can do this several times if you wish. In naturally, out very slowly. Then begin the practice.

4. If during the practice your mind is wandering about things you feel are important to do, stop and simply write them down. This way you let your mind know you won’t forget these things and will take care of them later. Then return to the practice.
What if all you needed was a regular practice of 3 minutes a day? Wouldn't that be fantastic! More about this later.