In this workshop you will learn how to open your entire being and take a bath in Love every day.
INTENTION: A focused intention is the key to spiritual growth.

HOL INTENTION: To open my entire being to Love; to allow Love to harmonize and free every part of me.
HOL stands for Harmonious Opening in Love. It can be understood as a fusion of some of the best spiritual practices of east and west.

It is a practice in developing spiritual awareness and sensitivity enhanced by hand and arm movements. It is not meditation but deeply meditative states of being happen naturally through it.

The experience of this practice is like taking a bath in Pure Love every day; it is opening into a sense of infinite spaciousness within you; it is harmony and healing to your body and soul; it is empowerment to co-create with God; it is purification; it is joy.
The beauty of HOL is it is easy to learn. There is no need for long disciplined practice to enter into the full richness of the experience. It is easy to understand once you experience the energy levels of your body, and it is easy to teach to others.

Neither does it take a long time each day. Though there is a specific structure in the beginning, to get you going in it, HOL is a free and intuitive practice that can fit into your daily schedule. Once your sensitivity is developed, even 1 minute of HOL in the morning can focus and refresh you for the day. Of course, the more time you spend at it the deeper and richer it gets, and because it is such a beautiful experience the discipline of the practice comes naturally out of your desire to go deeper into the Love and beauty.

Another wonderful thing is that there are no dangers, no, "wrong ways" you can do it. You cannot hurt yourself with Love. The worst thing that can happen is getting so open and free that you lose your groundedness and start flying too much, but this is part of the training, to become open and grounded at the same time.

You can also integrate this with other spiritual practices. HOL will only enhance them. There are no gurus you must follow, no philosophy you must accept. HOL is your practice and through your own developing intuitive sensitivities you are guided in how to grow. It is true freedom.

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HOL is an experience based on energetic, spiritual realities within us that are discovered and opened. We can all sense a person walking up close behind us even though we don’t see or hear them. This sensing ability of our spiritual aura, is what we work with. Through the practice of putting our attention on this sensing ability it becomes more fully alive and responsive and we learn that we can expand it open. As our aura opens we are harmonized by subtle and beautiful levels of energy coming from the source of our being. It is much like a flower blooming because of the movement of energy up from its roots and its open receptivity to the warm light of the sun.
The Chi, or Spirit of Life, coming up from the roots of our being united with the warmth of the Love that our intention allows fully opens us. We bloom open to be our most genuine self, the very reason we are here in this world.

HOL is a simple and profound experience. Aspects of it are found in ancient spiritual practices from around the world. The beautiful thing is, you don't have to understand anything about these spiritual practices to experience the profound blessings of HOL. It is just you, becoming more alive by the natural opening of your being in Love.
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The exercises are given in stages so you can ease yourself into the practice a bit at a time and allow your sensitivities to open. If you do the full sequence slowly it will take about an hour. If you really want the full blessing, practice the full session. It is an amazing experience. If your life is extremely busy with responsibilities and you are just too exhausted to find an extra hour for yourself then just do a section at a time. Your sensitivity will develop. 5 minutes a day will do wonders. An hour a day for 30 days and your life will never be the same! Play with it. Work it into your rhythms of life.

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