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By now, hopefully you have grown in sensitivity and gained some experience of HOL. On an energy level it only gets more beautiful with consistent practice. The more you practice the more you open, and this opening is to the actual wisdom and Love that is at the source of all existence. You are in Good Hands. Now here are some things you can do to bring variety to your practice and to deepen it.

  1. Additional Hand Movements
  2. Intuition and Freedom
  3. Prayer
  4. Visualization
  5. Music
  6. Dance
  7. With a Partner
  8. Blessing Others
  9. Leading HOL Groups
  10. Resistance
A very powerful movement you can do is to place one hand over one center and your other hand over a different one. As you spread your fingers and move the hand away from one area to open it, you bring the other hand close in to the second center. Then reverse it: the hand that had moved away comes in close and the close hand opens and moves away. It may take a little practice, but you'll get it. Do this rhythmically and it moves the Chi through these two centers with strong energy. This is great to both cleanse and open these centers and to bring connection to parts of yourself that may suffer disconnection, such as your mind and sexual area, or your heart and mind, etc.

If you feel pressure in an area, such as tension in your mind, put your index and middle finger together and point them at the area or pressure. Wiggle your fingers back and forth over the area as you breathe deeply into it. This will break the tension up. Then do some opening movements with intention over this area. Try it.

After you have developed some structure to your practice of opening these main chakra areas and are flowing more freely in it, then start purposefully breaking the structure by following your own intuition as to where to start and the variety of your movements. This is essential to do at some point. You will step from the solid foundation of the structure into a greater feeling of freedom and intuitive sensitivity when you do. The organized structure and the intuitive freedom work together like lovers. We need both.
The IHC Workshop on Mediation and the Lost Art of Prayer will take you deeper into prayer as creative manifestation, so I will just touch on it here to say that after finishing the Moving Chi up and down balancing movements it is natural to go right into some deep prayer if you are used to it. Here are the basic steps of the "Lost Art" of creative prayer with God.

Hands: Open a new center that is half way between your heart and your throat. It is a powerful center of emotions and longings. As you open this center:

1. Wish from your deep heart what Love would wish through you. Wish your longings. Wish your care. Wish your dreams. Wish the highest good you can imagine for others and the world.
2. Imagine your wishes. Give them images. See what their fulfillment would look like in your imaginative heart. See the faces. See the situations. Open your heart, lean back into God and day dream your dreams of Love.
3. Feel what it would be like if all your wishes came true RIGHT NOW. How would you actually feel? Let yourself feel this so fully, so deliciously that it gets into the cells of your body. This is an important key. Fill your body with the feeling of the fulfillment of your prayers.
4. Be honest about your doubts and anxieties. What are you afraid of? Listen to your fears. Be clear about what they are expressing and then turn them around. What is the opposite of your anxious feelings? How does it feel to believe the fear and how does it feel to believe your trust? Choose one, surrender to it, and put your intention with your choice.
5. Give thanks and leave it all in God's hands. Give God permission to respond in God's own time and in God's own way. Let God be God. Surrender the whole thing in thankfulness and trust.

When you pray for someone else just imagine and feel them as you do your opening exercise: for example as you open your heart see and feel them opening their heart. There is no space or distance in the spiritual realm. As you do this subtle yet powerful things are happening that will profoundly bless the person you give Love to in this way. Don't expect immediate results. Just keep it up: it is by persevering that things change.
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Imagination is the source of new creation. This is true for creating things externally, as everything mankind has ever made has been born through the functioning of imagination. It is equally true inwardly. Imagination functions on very deep levels of our being. When you visualize your centers open there is an immediate response on deep energetic/spiritual levels of your being. If imaginative imagery does not come easily to you, just a little practice will awaken it. Everybody has the ability to imagine. It can greatly enhance your opening process.

Here are some visualizations you can try. Feel free to create your own. Trust the imagery that comes to you when your intention is focused and clear.
TOP: A bright white light shining right above you. A crown of white light, God's diamond-pure presence crowning you with the royalty of divine being, wisdom and grace.
FOREHEAD: A sparkling ball of soft lavender light on your forehead. With your hand and breath draw the ball of light into your mind and let the light sparkle through your entire brain and down through your nervous system.
THROAT: A blue light, like open sky, expanding out.
HEART: A round ball of light green light expanding out. A round window opening deep in your heart into an infinite sky and a soft pink rose opening in the sky. A beam of pink light shining out of your heart.
DIAPHRAGM: A yellow ball of light, clear and strong, expanding out. A white laser beam of your focused intention shining out of the yellow light.
STOMACH: A deep green ball of light with a warm golden light burning in the center of it, opening up, and shining more and more brightly. A shining river flowing out of your belly into the world.
SEXUAL BASE: A blood-red ball of light: hot and good. Also a silvery stream of water made of light, splashing in your lap.
Music can add a lot to your experience as long as the music helps to relax and focus you on your sensing. If your mind drifts away from sensing into the music, it may be better to practice in silence until your sensitivity grows stronger.

If you can burn CD's it is great to put together a flow of music to pace your practice, one song for each center. I will make some suggestions of the feel of the music for each center, but again, it is your practice. Your experience becomes your teacher. Experiment. Does the music feel right to you for the center you are working on? You will know it is right when it naturally helps you open.

Top: Sensitive, light, or majestic music: flutes, harps, tinkling bells, wind sounds, brass...
Forehead: generally, the same as top: peaceful and harmonious for the mind. (In my experience, the simpler the better, a single bamboo flute for example.)
Throat: More energy: flowing or bold. Breathy instruments: didgeridoo, flute, stringed instruments, voices.
Heart: Sensitive, tender, flowing mood. Voices, violins, synths.
Diaphragm: Stronger, more energetic mood linked to decisive action; rock, drums, violins, etc.
Stomach: A mood for deep soul: Russian choral music, opera, cello, drums, whatever moves your feelings deeply.
Sex: Either passionate or tender. You choose.
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Dance is a powerful, total body meditation. If you can really surrender your awareness to the movement of your body then by all means use dance to enhance your HOL opening. Since the goal is an open, spontaneous, free state of being, liberating dance can be a direct path into it.

I just encourage you to keep your intention clear to open each center wide and to blend and balance the Chi. Then, play with it. This is about Love, and Love loves your joy and freedom!

The Creative Dance Workshop has many inspirational ideas to dance yourself open. Integrate HOL with it for a really powerful practice.

Doing HOL together can open so much divine presence and Love between you that it becomes hard to contain. One way to is to sit facing each other, close but not touching. As you do your HOL practice, move between being lost in your own experience and opening your eyes and connecting with each other. You can put your hands out and feel the energy presence of their body and massage it open with the slow in and out movements in the same way you do to yourself. Keep very connected to each other with your attention and your eyes.

When you open your heart center it is extremely beautiful and powerful to imagine a stream of pink light pouring out of your heart into theirs. Unite each center. Use HOL when you make love for ecstatic union of your total selves. Go very slowly. This is astonishing: the way it is meant to be.

Again, experiment. Allow the wisdom and Love in the Breath of Life to teach you.
When you are fully relaxed in your openness the healing Chi will flow naturally out from you to others. It is incredibly beautiful to pass the blessing on to others, to watch them open and the Light of Life arise in them

Relaxed attention is the key to a free flow of Love and Chi. Breathe deeply. Speak your intention, and do the opening movements to each of their areas. Remember to ground them or they can get dizzy from too much work on the top of the head and not enough circulation. Move the Chi down into their legs and feet.

It is best not to touch the sensitive top of the head area, but you can touch other areas lightly as in the practice of Reiki. Although HOL is more about working with the energy field that is close to the body, sometimes it really helps to make that light contact with the skin as it lets them know where you are working and helps them focus.

Children are so naturally open. For small children and babies work in a light way with much Love in your heart. Because they are often restless, it is best to bless them in their sleep. It will be such a sweet time as you feel the presence and energy of Love flowing through your hands to them.

With older children, I really encourage you to teach by example. If they see you enjoying your HOL practice and notice how much lighter and loving you are growing they will be curious to try it. Keep it playful and fun. Let them feel your hand come close to their face. Have them close their eyes and guess when someone comes close behind them and see if they can tell to which side. These are simple ways to introduce them to the sensitiviy. There is no greater gift you could give them than the ability to open their hearts wide to the Loving, harmonious Source of their own being.

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At the Source of our being everything is already open, and free. At the Source, we are pure Love. Open to the source and Love flows out every time.
As with all the IHC workshops, you are encouraged to freely share all you are learning with others. There are no strings attached. This is the instinct and way of Love. The best way to grow in spiritual practice is to share the experience with others.

If leading a spiritual group is new to you, here are some tested principles that work:
1. Keep it simple.
2. Help them relate: as is suggested with children have them feel your hand close to their face, or have them close their eyes and feel you walk up behind them. This way they know immediately what sense they will be developing.
3. If you don't feel like you are "expert enough" don't worry about it. You don't need to think of yourself as a teacher, but rather someone who is learning who wants to share the learning experience with others. Be students together and keep it fun and free. The opening experience will teach you all so much!

Keep it easy: emphasize the 3 minute a day practice as a super attainable goal! Everyone can practice for only 3 minutes... even the busiest moms!

Encountering and moving through inner resistance to becoming wide open and free in Love is what the spiritual process is about. We all have inner wounds, beliefs, repressed emotions, defense mechanisms and unfinished grief that will absolutely resist our growth. All the HOL workshops are about outgrowing this inner resistance and becoming free, so use them for help when you feel inner resistance to the process of growing open.

Your firm intention is your best weapon to move through resistance. As your commitment grows stronger you become more stable in the growth process. Also, use simple imaginative imagery. If you feel an inner resistance, give it an imaginative image and then punch holes of light in the image as you do your opening work, for that is exactly what you are doing, opening little doors within your energy structure to the Light of Life at the source of your being. It is this Light of Love that melts the resistance away. See the light shine through and melt the image of the resistance into the Love. Love is the death of all negative energy. Love is greater than everything!
Here are two recordings that may inspire you.
You can listen to them as you do your opening exercises.
Understanding HOL
Developing Basic Sensitivity
Hand Movements
Top, Forehead, Throat
Heart to Base,
Balance & Blend