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Heart, Diaphrgm, Stomach, Base, Circulating
This is the central Chakra, the heart of Life. It is the center of Love, compassion, tenderness, spaciousness and the infinite.
I open my heart wide to Love.
Bring both hands close to your heart. Feel the energy presence of your hands with your chest. Move the hands away and closer and just sense the difference. Now, as you breathe in, bring your hands closer to your chest as if you were drawing Chi and breath into the center of your heart. As you breathe out, open your hands slowly with the intention to open your heart wide to Love. Do this rhythmically for a while. Draw Chi with breath into your chest, hands come in close; breathe out and expand your heart open with your hands.
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The diaphragm is located in a soft spot just beneath where the ribs join below the heart.
This is the center of will--your ability to choose, make commitments and to act. It is the center of your personal power to grow, to heal, and to accomplish your life purpose.
I choose to be open,
no matter what!

Since this is the center of your will, concentrate fully on your intention as you do the opening movements. Open this center with the intention that your intention will grow strong.

Here is a good place to use both the one hand and two hand opening. As with the other centers, go slowly, move rhythmically, and feel the energy opening.
The incredible gift of will is the ability to make choices irregardless of emotions or thoughts that may resist you. It is therefore the key to personal transformation. Apart from this freedom of will we would be hopelessly trapped in familiar negative patterns.
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This is the center of deep feelings, intuition, and your openness to receive nourishment of every kind: spiritual, mental, physical, and financial. It is also a center of personal power and stability.
To be wide open to receiving and giving nourishment of every kind.
Place both hands over your belly area. Bring them in until you can feel their energy presence with your stomach. Then, feel your stomach as energy. What does it feel like as pure presence? Just enjoy the feeling of your belly. Do the rhythmic opening and closing hand movements as you breathe. Feel the sensations with your stomach as your hands move. Speak your intention as you practice.
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This is our center of sexual energy, creativity, playfulness, joy, freshness,
and our connection to the earth, and our earthiness.
To be sexually alive and inspired with creative fire, to be more playful and free-spirited, to feel the earth and our connection to all of life.

Place your hands over your sexual area. Open and close and just sense the pressure differences and sensations. Relax. Breathe down into this area. Notice what feelings and thoughts arise. Welcome them and return to your intention and sensing. I will be earthy, ecstatic, full of freshness and free! Keep the rhythm going. Let the feelings open and flow
Don't ever be afraid to feel really good! Good feelings are healing to the body and soul. It is healthy to feel pleasure, to let it freely pass through, then let it go with wide open thankfulness! Open your base center fully.
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We finish the full session as we did the beginning session, by moving the Chi through all the areas of our body, blending and balancing us, creating an energy experience of what we actually are, whole people. The more your energy centers are open, the more powerful this exercise becomes. Although this was explained in the Beginning Exercises, the instructions are repeated here.

Bring one hand up slowly from your stomach to your face with the palm of your hand close to your body. Sense your hand’s energy presence with your body. Then, move this hand back down, palm facing body as you move the other hand up, very slowly, from your stomach area, breathing deeply. Lift your elbow as you lift your arm.
When the hands meet, the hand moving up passes under the hand moving down. Move them up and down until the top hand is over the face and the lower over your sexual area. Then reverse them. Keep a constant movement. Do this very slowly and just feel with your hands and whole body. Keep breathing slowly and rhythmically but without drawing your attention to your breath. Keep feeling. You can also occasionally let your hands gently brush over your skin as you move them up and down to intensify your awareness.

When you are finished it is good to bring a sense of closure to your session. You can fold your hands over your heart and just honor the silent presence within you. Or then, you could get up and dance, kiss the ground, shout Hallelujah, or run outside naked. Be free; follow your own intuition.
With time and experience it becomes clear that growing open and receptive to the Chi, to the breath of Life, to the Great Love, is the key to Life and the most important thing we can possibly do for ourselves, for all those we know, for the world and for God. Be open, and God will start happening to you in countless ways. It is amazing!
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