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Top, Forehead, Throat
The top Chakra is of divine presence. It is at the very top of your head where there was a soft opening in your skull as a baby.
Our intention for this center is:
I open my entire being to the divine presence of Love.
Hold your hands over your head. Feel for an energy presence between your hands and the top of your head. Sense the top of your head with your attention. You can imagine a ball of white light above you. Slowly open your hands, then bring your hands in closer: open, then closer, moving slowly, rhythmically. Do this 7 times, feeling, sensing. Speak your intention in your heart. Use your own words for it. Find the words that feel "real" to you.

I open my entire being to Love.
I surrender to you, beautiful God of Love.

When your arms get tired, slowly bring them down over the front of your body, as if you were drawing a wave of Love down through you. Feel with your entire body as your hands pass over you. Let your arms rest for a few moments in your lap, then bring them back up, drawing energy up through your body to the top again. Do a few more opening movements. If you feel inner resistance, just let it be for now. Move forward with your intention. If you quickly become aware of the increasing energy, remember, this energy is Love. It is the breath of Life that is older than the stars and eternally fresh. It is an incredible gift. Just drink it in. Surrender to it.
As your sensitivity increases you may at times feel light headed as you work on opening this area. Don’t be concerned. Just draw the energy down through your body.You can imagine it running out your feet as shining water. The point is to open your chakra and then to circulate the energy freely through you--focused by your clear intention--letting your body drink in life-giving Love.
This is the center of mental peace and harmony, spiritual vision, knowledge, wisdom, and imaginative imagery.
I relax my mind into peace.
Bring the palms of your hands close to your face. Feel your hand presence with your face. Slowly run your hands over your forehead and face without touching the skin as if you were smoothing and soothing the energy of your face.

Now do a one hand opening. Bring your fingers and thumb together. Focus them on your forehead just above where your eyebrows would meet. Rhythmically open your fingers wide then focus them again. Do this slowly and repeatedly, at least 10 times. You will begin to sense a deep pulsing of energy in your mind. This is very healthy. It is stimulating important glands and bringing right and left parts of your brain into harmony. Never underestimate the power of subtle energy.
This is the center of your self-expression; of speaking your truth honestly and fearlessly, of singing, of poetry, of celebration.
Our intention for this area is:
I will fully express my greatest gifts in Love without fear.
You can use either the the one or two hand opening over the soft place at the base of your throat. Open your throat energy up with strong intention.

I will break through fear. I will express my whole self in Love. I will share my greatest gifts with the world. Yes!

As with the other areas, feel for the energy between your hands and throat. Expand it open, and then intensify it with slow out and in motions.
It is powerful to use your voice as you do the hand motions. There are many things you can do. Here are some suggestions:
1. You can speak your intentions until you can say them with great freedom and strength;
2. Praise and thank the Great Love that is loving you;
3. Say the OM of the east slowly, feeling the vibrations of your voice move through your whole body;
4. Say Abwoon in the same way, (pronounced Ahwoon), feeling first the wide open, relaxed Ah, then the focused woo, and lastly the nnnn vibrating in your nose and body. (Abwoon is Aramaic and can mean variously Father, Parent, Source, Radiant One who vibrates Light into form, etc.). It is the Our Father of Jesus' famous prayer;
5. Babble like a child, making up your own words, letting them flow out as expressions of your opening feelings.
Remember: keep it attainable.
3 minutes of practice a day is far more effective then 30 minutes every 10 days.
Here are two recordings that may inspire you.
You can listen to them as you do your opening exercises.
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