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Hopefully, you are familiar with the first two exercises by now. They prepare you for the full HOL session, so don't skip over them.
In the full session you begin opening each spiritual, or energy center in your body with a clear intention. Each center represents a different aspect of your being and therefore has a different intention. The listed intentions are to give you a clear focus. Remember, once you understand the focus for each area, feel free to use your own words to express it.
There are only two basic hand movements: the one handed and the two handed opening. With the one handed you focus your fingers and your attention right into the area you are working on. In the photos she is focusing on her throat. Then you spread the fingers open with the intention to open this center up. Do it slowly and sense the effect. The intention intensifies it. Try it with an active intention and without, and feel for any difference. You learn by experimenting.
In the two handed movement you sense with both hands and the center itself, (the top of the head in these pictures). You also feel for the energy in the space between the center and your hands. As your sensitivity develops you simply become aware of the energy opening. The hands move in and out slowly and rhythmically as you gently massage your aura open.
Now we are ready to begin. Although we will begin at the top Chakra and work down, you can actually start anywhere. We will discuss this later.
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