When you feel relaxed and present hold out your hands in front of your stomach with the palms facing each other. Simply feel the sensation of your hands. You may become aware that you are thinking about your hands rather than just sensing them. Each time you realize this let your attention run from your mind down your arms and back into your hands. Just feel them.

Life is energy, and energy is always completely in the now. The Spirit is only experienced in the present moment. Our body awarenes is also always fully now. It is our mind drifting in concepts, memories and projections of the future that carries us away from the miracle and moment of Life. So by bringing our attention to the energy in our body we gather our self into the present moment and our awareness expands our energy body or spiritual aura open.

How do you know your hands are there, before you, without looking at them or imagining them? What does the actual nerve flow feel like? As you move your attention to that place in you that is aware of the sensation of your hands rather than the idea of them, you may feel them tingling or burning. Stay with this. It may take a bit of concentration at first for it is a shift from our familiar patterns of awareness. These shifts are what opening new awareness is about.

After you feel the energy presence of your hands bring them closer to each other without touching and feel the presence of one hand with the other. You may feel a very subtle pressure, a warmth, or even heat.

Now as you breathe in bring your hands closer together and as you breathe out expand them out with the simple intention to expand open the energy between your hands. Do this rhythmically, breath and movements working together. The energy feels very subtle at first. The point is to develop your natural sensitivity in a relaxed and alert state. Breathe in, hands move closer, condensing the energy; breathe out, hands expand the energy out.

Imagination is a subtle and powerful creative mental functioning. To enhance your awareness you can imagine a ball of light between your hands. Visualize it as white light, or any color you choose. Continue to feel the energy with your hands and visualize it as light.

If this is your first time, continue with exercise 2 as soon as you feel ready. If you want to take this a little at a time you can stop here for now. This is a good start.

The essential thing is to slow down, take the time to really feel into this. Start with exercise 1 and then flow right into exercise 2.

And keep it fun and attainable. Why not set a goal of practicing only 3 minutes a day for a week? See how you feel. Just remember to bring your full attention to the practice for those 3 minutes to get the results.

Moving the Chi
Now we will move the chi through our body. After opening up the energy between your hands in front of your stomach, bring one hand up slowly from your stomach to your face with the palm of your hand close to your body. See if you can sense your hand’s energy presence with your body. The face is very sensitive, so you will feel it there easily. Then, move this hand back down, palm facing body as you move the other hand up, very slowly, from your stomach area, breathing deeply. Lift your elbow as you lift your arm.
When the hands meet, the hand moving up passes under the hand moving down. Move them up and down until the top hand is over the face and the lower over your pelvic area. Then reverse them. Keep a constant movement. Do this at least 7 times, very slowly and just feel with your hands and whole body. Keep breathing slowly and rhythmically but without drawing your attention to your breath. Keep feeling. This movement opens a free and balanced flow of Chi through your body’s energy system and is very stimulating and powerful. People have been healed of physical ailments just through this exercise.
When you are finished it is nice to bring a sense of closure to the session. One ancient way is to fold your hands over your heart and just honor the silent presence within you as a way of giving thanks for this step towards being wide open to Love.

Once you feel good about your progress with these first two exercises, then you are ready to move ahead to the full session--but take your time. Enjoy the process.

Just 3 minutes a day! You can make 3 minutes to become inwardly lighter, more open to Life, more sensitvitly alive... can't you?
3 minutes of focused practice a day is all you need! It is that effective. Wow! 3 minutes! You really can do this if you desire!
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