In the Bible, God instructs Moses to build a tent during Israel’s wandering in the wilderness. It was called the Tent of Meeting, a moveable temple. Within the tent there was a Holy Place that represented our inner life and a Holy of Holies that represented the pure, infinite presence of God manifested in a specific place--the innermost demension of our being. The Temple of Solomon was constructed after this same pattern.

In the Holy Place there were only three objects:
1. A stand with bread (originally manna) with incense burning on it. This has been long understood to represent that spiritual teaching, or words… must be fragrant with Spirit to give life.

My words are Spirit and Life.

...for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life.
St. Paul

2. An altar with only pure incense burning on it, that could be understood to represent pure Love for God arising in our heart apart from any form: naked adoration of infinte Love, nothing else.
3. A golden lamp stand full of oil with seven branches, each one holding a flame. All 7 flames were fed by the same oil.

Of course there is no way to prove that this represents the seven chakra centers in the body in the same way there is no way to prove the meaning of the other objects, but, they can be experienced in the same way as the Spirit coming through the Word and pure worship, and the results of experiencing them is increasing openness to God, harmony, joy, freedom, spiritual perception and Love. As with all spiritual things, the fruit is only known through the experience. So try the practice and see for yourself if it is true.
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