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This workshop will give you the tools to allow unconditional Love to heal you by opening your heart until Love is loving you in every cell of your body, every synapse of your brain, in your thought patterns and depth of feeling. As with each workshop, it is essential to have a focused intention. This workshop's is:

To be loved and blessed without limits and to pour Love freely out of my life into the world.

What is Love?

It is important to be clear about what we mean by Love. Love is not an emotion, although it is experienced in the emotions. Love is not the will, though it can direct and strengthen the will; Love is not an idea, though it can be grasped and expressed through ideas; Love is not imagination, though it certainly can inspire imaginations.

God is infinite Love.

Love is the life-giving power, or ground of existence. Love holds every atom, every molecule together. It is the attractive and uniting power, the pure creative genius manifested in Creation.

In our human experience when we are strongly attracted to another person, when we see the beauty and potential in them and want to get closer to them, when our instinct is to open our heart, our soul, our being to them, to touch them and know them, when we long to spend time with them and unite with them, we know that is Love.

Or when we have deep loyalty to a person and desire their happiness and highest good; when we want to protect them from harm and comfort and support them and help them become all they can be, we know that is Love.

Or when we honor others and listen to them and seek their freedom and want to inspire them to take risks in order to grow into their greatest potential, this also is Love.

When something touches us deeply, such as music, art, poetry, a story of heroism, a beautiful concept, some tender thing flows out of our deep heart and we say, we love this. Why is this so? Because in the deepest levels of our being, we are Pure Love. In our deepest place we are open, spacious receptivity to bliss, to peace, to the harmonious goodness we call Love.

In nature the sun is always shining, regardless of what the clouds may do. So in our inner nature the sun of Love shines constantly at the source of our being no matter what the clouds of emotions and ideas may be doing.

Love gives us the confidence to allow a melting away of the inner clouds of contrary ideas, dullness, repressed negative feelings, powerful, constricting fears and the deep pain of grief until the sun of Love that is already there shines brighter and clearer up through the levels of our soul to fill our good bodies with Life-giving energy.

This is the path of Healing in Love.

We are Loved with infinite, limitless Love, not because we are good enough to deserve such Love. That is like saying the sun shines because I was good today and deserve it. The sun shines because that is its nature. God, the Source, the Great Love loves because God is Love. This infinite Love and Wisdom is loving galaxies into existence billions of light years away.

Earth is one shining speck in space amidst infinite numbers of planets and stars. God loves because God is a limitless Ocean of Love. We are Loved because we exist as a gift of this Great Love and because Love is our true nature and our highest destiny. This is the meaning of Grace: a freely offered, unearnable gift. Just as we can’t earn sunshine, we can’t earn Love.

But in the same way we can go out, lift our face, throw off our cloths and let sunshine splash all over us, so we can open our hearts, throw off our resistances and let infinite Love love and bless us without self-imposed limitations.

This is Healing in Love.

As thirst comes from a lack of water, so human suffering comes from the lack of Love. All the human caused sorrows of the world are the results of our failure to live in the wisdom and nature of real Love. Imagine just for a moment if everyone in the world lived expressing Love to each other. What a world this would be, full of inspiration, goodness, beauty, creative freedom, and nurturing care. Love is our primal human need. We flourish in Love and wilt when we are starved for it. We get bent and twisted in our souls when we live in shadows without the light of Love warming our hearts and illuminating our minds. Love has never hurt us. It is lovelessness that has hurt us every time. And wounded people tend to pass their pain on to others, and so lovelessness increases, casting a dark shadow of grief over the world.

Because lovelessness is so familiar to us, we have developed ideas, defense mechanisms, and emotional patterns which resist the transforming influences of Love and make our loveless ways seem normal. But it is not normal to live apart from Love, for we are designed for Love and find wholeness and health in it. It is perfectly natural to be full of Love.

Love heals us. Love opens us. Love illuminates us. It flows out of an open heart. We can say yes. We can surrender to Love’s intention for our highest good. No matter how much pain we have inside, we are free to say yes to healing in Love, and that is all Love requires, one small crack of opening, and the process will begin.

You may have many questions in your mind about why life is as it is. Just allow them to be. Love will give you its own answers in time. It is your experience of Love that changes you, and as you change, new perspective will come to your mind and many things that don’t now make sense about life will become clearer.

The essential thing is to allow the possibility of this idea—it has the power to totally change your life—an infinitely wise and limitless Love is wholly for you, no matter what you have done or failed to do. Your failure to receive and express Love has never changed Love itself. Just as you cannot put out the sun by throwing a blanket over your head, neither can you stop Love from loving you. Love loves because that is its eternal nature. The key is opening wide your receptivity to experience this Love that is an unearnable gift. Love loves to heal us. Love loves to inspire us. Love loves to forgive and welcome us. Love loves to embrace and transform us. Surrender to Love. Let Love have its way. It will open you to your deepest, truest being and become a fountain of healing within your heart.

So lets practice opening ourselves to Love.

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