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The following exercises should be taken one at a time, as a progression. Allow time to really experience each exercise. Just reading them through is practically useless. They are designed to open you to deeper levels of your being through your experience of them.

After you go through the progression, which may take days or even weeks, you can come back to the exercises that you really felt worked best for you, (they may be the ones that were hardest to get through) and work with them again to allow the healing process to go deeper.

Exercise Progression #1: Affirmations

The following are a series of statements that have the power to open you and also to confront your resistance. Read the statements through once. Then go back and read each one through again, slowly. Feel into the words as best you can. Be aware of what your response is.

Statement 1: The Source of all existence is infinite wisdom and Love.

Statement 2: All my experiences in life have taken place in the presence of infinite Love.

Statement 3: Limitless Love understands me perfectly, forgives me fully, openly embraces the worst things in me, and loves me completely.

Statement 5: In the deepest center of my being there is only Light and Love. This is my Life and true being. Deeper than all thoughts and emotions that may deny it, I am Light and Love.

Now write down what you feel in response to these statements. Be utterly honest!

Take a good look at what you have written down. Do you feel an intellectual or emotional denial of these statements? Do they “feel” untrue to you? If so, what does feel familiar and true to you? Write that down.

Although these statements are in harmony with the deepest truths of all religions that teach of God, many people feel resistance to them because of religious concepts and beliefs. If you want to explore this more go to the Healing Religious Wounds Page here.

Ask yourself, does believing your denial of Love make you deeply happy?

Do you wish to be deeply happy?

Are you willing to risk being disappointed to find out for yourself if these statements about Love are actually true?

Are you willing to face inner negativity and resistance in order to undo and move beyond it?

If your heart answers yes to these questions write down your own affirmations inspired by these statements and put them up where you can read them every day along with a very short simple statement of intention, something like this: 

Say this intention to yourself every day until you feel it is a real commitment. This means you choose to be wide open to Love today, and you will choose this tomorrow, and five years from now this will be your choice, and 25 years from now you will still be choosing this, and on the day you die this will be your unwavering choice.


An unwavering intention in harmony with your deepest being brings stability and constancy to your spiritual growth. It is the focused, sharp point that pierces through resistance.

Exercise Series #2: Relaxing into Love

Exercise 1: Relax into the Presence of Love

It does no good to try to receive Love. Trying just gets in the way. The nature of open receptivity is total inner relaxation. As tensions melt away your deeper self blossoms open. This inner relaxation is like a tight fist opening, or a deep sigh.

Relax into this present moment, for the Presence of Love is only experienced in the Now of Life. Tense up your shoulder muscles as tight as you can for a few seconds, then let them go completely. Relax your neck and shoulders. Then take a deep breath and whisper, Yes, Yes to Love, Yes… as you slowly let all your breath out.

Take in another deep breath and again, sigh saying, Yes, Yes, Yes to Love. Allow any feelings that arise. Welcome them rather than judging them. A negative response to a negative feeling increases the negativity. Be positively welcoming. Then return to sighing and relaxing open within.

Finish by repeating your intention: I will be wide open to Love, no matter what.

Exercise 2: Breathing Love

Love flows through our open receptivity. An open door is an empty space to pass through. So an open heart feels like a spacious emptiness deep within. Awareness of breath flowing into and out of our bodies can lead to an awareness of this open space through which the energy of Love flows into our being.

In fact, opening to Love can become as natural as the rhythm of breathing. Simply place your hand over your heart. Take slow, deep breaths and feel the emptiness of air filling your lungs under your hand.

Now, draw this empty sensation into your heart. Keep this up until you sense an empty openness deep within your chest. Now add an intention, I breathe in Love, I breathe out Love.

Keep breathing deeply until you feel a softening release within. Let your body relax and drink the Love that is giving you life into every cell.

Exercise 3: God over all, through all, in all.

Take a deep breath. Now simply sense what is in your body. Is it pain and tension, or stillness and peace?

The Great Love is in you, just beyond these sensations. Love is an infinite ocean, here and now, in which every molecule of your body exists. If your body and the entire world faded away, the Great Love would remain, loving you. With a simple yes of faith, acknowledge Love’s timeless presence. Imagine all sensation fading away and rest your entire body for a moment in stillness. Drink it in. Feel the smile of Love. Allow the beauty of limitless Love to love you completely.

Exercise 4: Thankfulness

Thankfulness is the language of receptivity and happiness. The moment you give thanks from your heart, you open. This is a very simple exercise. Ask that the Spirit of Love will open you to drink in limitless Love. Have you asked? Now give thanks. If you feel closed, just let that be. But if you were open and the answer to your prayer was happening, what would you do? Do that now.

How would it feel to be blessed without limits just because you were willing to surrender to divine Love? Feel in your body how it would be to have a whole new chapter in your life of increasing Love and happiness, to have all the old negativity broken. Enjoy what you are able to feel. Appreciate that. Give thanks. This is opening you.

Exercise Series #3: Transforming Imagery

These exercises use a very powerful principle of inner transformation that will be more fully presented in the Waking Dream Work workshop. The principle is this: we cannot change deeply held negative emotions directly, but if we link them to an imaginative image and freely change the image, the emotional pattern changes.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with each meditation. Repetition is more important than time spent. It is repetition that allows the unconscious to change its deep patterns. Find the image that seems most accessible to you and use it as a tool to undo inner resistances to Love.

Exercise 1: Melting Resistance

Whenever you experience a negative emotion inside you want to be free of imagine what that feeling would look like if it had a form. Then imagine that form surrounded by brilliant light, as if a sun was shining out from behind it. Imagine this light breaking through the form with laser beams of light. Let the form dissolve in this bombardment of pure light piercing through it. Watch it until it melts away completely and only the light is left.

Exercise 2: Shower in Love: Take three deep breathes and exhale very slowly on each one. Now close your eyes and imagine a glass shower in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers. Walk up to it and take off your clothes. Then step into the shower. Look at the handles. They say Love and Grace on them. Turn on the water. Imagine it coming out like liquid sunshine, sparkling and splashing all over you. Feel the warmth of pure Love washing and welcoming you.

Now imagine the water sparkling down inside of you, through the top of your head. See the waters flashing and splashing through your mind; then down through your neck into your chest. As the water splashes through you imagine all your negativity, (such as anger, doubt, guilt, despair, etc.), running out of your feet like a dark, bad smelling oil. (Keep your focus mainly on the bright waters that are washing everything clean and let the dark oil go. Your imagination is free, so if you feel negative things that are stuck, just let the feelings be and concentrate on using your imagination to lead the feelings rather than following them. In your imagery let the oil run freely out.)

Imagine the waters sparkling and splashing down through your arms and out your hands; then see the water pouring down through your body into your stomach, then into a clear pool in your sexual area. Now see the water spilling down your legs, pushing all the dark oil out. Watch the oil flowing out of your feet and covering the shower floor, then running down the drain. Now let the sparkling water break out of your feet and wash all the shower floor completely clean. Then watch the water flowing down the drain as bright as liquid sunshine, cleansing it completely.

Step out of the shower. Imagine a breeze blowing upon you with freshness. Feel the wind's freedom. Dance around the meadow. Give thanks for the beauty of this water of Life, this pure spiritual Love that is given to wash and heal you.

Exercise 3: Opening Everything to Love

Imagine two doors above you opening and a bright white light shining down on you. Feel into this light. It is pure Love. This is your openness to the Presence of the Great Love who Loves you and the beauty and goodness of the spiritual realms.

Now imagine two doors below you opening and many colors shining out, blending and changing. Then see birds fly through the door; then animals running through; then plants rapidly growing and flowers and leaves blowing through. This is Creation welcoming you home to its mystery and beauty and the Great Love at its source.

Next, imagine a door opening to your left hand and a bright light shining out. This is the door of creative inspiration and freedom. See dancers and musicians coming through the door with wild, joyous celebration. See books of poetry and works of art or whatever images speak of creative freedom to you blowing through, filling the world with illumination and beauty.

Now imagine a door opening to your right hand and light shining. This is the door of practicality and stability. See money blowing freely through the door as a beautiful creative form of the energy of Love, given by Love to increase Love in the world.

Now imagine two doors opening behind you and a warm gold light shining out all around you. This is your entire past, embracing you with Love and forgiveness, every experience, especially the most painful, now a source of wisdom and compassion.

Next imagine two doors opening in front of you and a very bright light shining through. Imagine beautiful angels with their arms open to you, welcoming you. This are the doors of new opportunities to live out your highest purpose in the world.

This is a wonderful exercise to repeat at the end of sessions. It is sending powerful messages to your subconscious. As Jesus said, whatever you set free on the earth is set free in the heavens. Set your life free with creative imagery and let the Universe respond.

Exercise 4: Meeting Divine Love and Your Divine Self

This exercise is for those who are open to Christ as Pure Love or would like to be. It can be a powerful spiritual meeting. Of course, feel free to imagine another Divine Being that you are drawn to in Love.

Open to Him when He comes and knocks… Luke 12:36

Take three deep breaths and exhale slowly with each breath. Relax your neck and shoulders, then imagine a door in front of you. Simply open the door with a heart-felt Yes because you want to be wide-open to Love. Imagine a bright light shining through the door as it opens. See Christ walking though the door to warmly embrace you. Let go. Melt into His arms. Let Him hold you and feel any resistance to His Presence. Let Him hold the resistance in you against His burning heart and melt it away with Pure Love. It is Divine Love alone that cuts through stubborn, unyielding things. See only Light within you. Whisper to Him whatever comes to your mind or sit in silence and simply savor His presence.

Now look again at the open door. See yourself as divine, luminous, beautiful with Love, as noble as a great king or queen. This is your future meeting you Now. This is what Christ is about, bringing you home to your divine being. This is what makes Him happy. Allow your divine self to embrace you completely and speak to you. What would unlimited Love say to you? Listen. Let Love speak. Open up to the flow of it. Write it down.

Then, respond to your divine self. Say whatever you feel. Let your heart speak to your fullness that is now in the Spirit and that shall come to be.

Exercise Series #4: Self-Acceptance

All forms of self-rejection block our realization of Limitless Love loving us. As self-rejection melts away in self-welcoming, the deeper Love naturally starts shining through us and flowing out towards others.

Love accepts us completely. Right now God is loving your hands, your feet, your face and every cell in your body. You may, in contrast, be resenting how you look or feel. Love never changes. But we can change. As we surrender to allow Love to love us, Love brings its bright beauty into our minds and eyes and flows to heal our bodies. We may blame Love for who we are, but that doesn’t help a thing. Love liberates us into fully welcoming and loving who we are. This set us free to bloom into all we can be.


Step 1:

Look at your face in a mirror. Look into your eyes. Do you love the person you see? Perhaps not, but if you saw Love in your eyes, you would. We always love real Love. It is our nature. You may think you are not attractive. These are unattractive thoughts, and you probably won’t attract others with unattractive thoughts. How would you feel if you felt beautiful and attractive just as you are? Would you feel false, untrue to your familiar self-judgments, untrue to cultural standards of beauty?

What would others feel in you if you were full of beautiful and attractive feelings about yourself? Some of the most beautiful people in the world are severely crippled in their bodies, terribly ill, and even dying.Yet beauty shines from their couragous spirits and loving self-acceptance.

You may not have the body of a world class athlete or international model, you may not have the face of a movie star, but your soul can shine with a light that is more beautiful than all these, for it is the beauty of real Love that every soul is powerfully attracted to.

Look into the mirror again. Say, “I love you because you are loved by infinite Love.” Say it until you can feel into the words. “I love you because who you really are is Love and only Love.”

Step 2:

Focus on a part of your body you just don’t like, that perhaps you feel embarrassed or ashamed of. This is an area that is starving for your Love—therefore, simply put your attention on it with Love. Ask it to forgive you for cutting off the flow of God’s Love to it with your negative beliefs and feelings. Speak to it with tender kindness. Bless with Love. If you have any painful area, this needs an extra special dose of Love. Let your attention enter into the pain. Welcome it. Imagine the pain as a color. Now flood that color with white and make it pastel. Then let it soften into pure white.

Step 3:

Quiet your mind with some deep breathes. Now imagine someone or something you really love. Feel your love very naturally and deeply. Now connect these feelings to yourself by looking at your body as if you had never seen it before. Smell your body. Touch your body and feel yourself permeating your body. Stoke your body slowly with loving tenderness. Feel its response and pleasure. It is good to feel good: it is health to the body and soul.

Step 4:

Look into a mirror again. Simply gaze into your own eyes. Appreciate the miracle and gift of yourself.

Now Look deeper, for your spirit, that light of Life within. Ask your self: what has this person come to earth for? Sense your longing and the life within you that is struggling to grow free. Can you define the deep longings of the miracle that you are? How can you help this deep, spiritual person to fulfill their longings?

Tell yourself you will no longer judge or treat yourself with harshness. Make a commitment to love and forgive yourself for everything and to set yourself free. Let it become your clear purpose and fixed intention. Only then will real Love flow naturally through your being.

Step 5:

Now look for the child in you. Act as if you were 5 years old. Do you see anything change in your eyes? Can you see your joy? Tell the child in you that you will love it and learn from it, for it is close to the Source of Pure Love.

Step 6:

Take off all your clothes and stand before a full-length mirror. Offer love and acceptance to every part of your body. If negative self-judgments arise, just let them be. Don’t react, or if you do by habit, just observe your reactions as well. Thank your body for the work it does every day to keep you alive in this world. Now close your eyes, Imagine bright light shining from your feet, then your legs. Work up your body. Fill each area with light until you can imagine your whole body shining.

Give special loving attention to any area that is sick or hurt. It needs Love poured into it in order to heal. Accept these areas just as they are. Then imagine them filled with the sparkling light of healing Love. Thank this part of yourself for all the lessons it has to give you and the purpose it has served in your life journey. Bring it fully home to your heart.

Remember, take time with these exercises. Repeat them. Go deeper. This is the path of experiential growth. Imagine what your life would be like if you worked on them every day for 40 days. Why not do it for the sake of all that is beautiful and good? Why not do it for your own happiness and the happiness of those around you. Why not do it for Love?

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