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If you are ill or injured you may have received a lot of good advice. I just want to offer you an experience. What comes of it is between you and God Who loves you very much. It is based on this fact of life: at our source there is only Pure Being, pure Spirt. A few things in the Bible that refer to this reality are:

The spirit of a man is the flame of God, hidden in the innermost empty place. (proverbs ) *

No one knows the thoughts of a man but the spirit within him...*

Your life (spirit) is hidden with Christ in God.*

Christ is our life... (St. Paul) *

What these scriptures point to is our spirit is in Christ, right now, deep within us. Christ is there.

In that day you will know that I am in you and you are in Me... Jesus *

Christ said we will know, or realize what is ultimately true. So, what does this mean? All Christ is, is in us, in the depths of us, in the silence that is found there. And in Christ there is no sickness, no death, no guilt, no pain, no shame. Perfect wholeness, pure divine innocence is in us, at our source of Being.

St. Paul said we have a spiritual body. This spiritual body is full, radiant, alive, silent, peaceful, watching, Light itself in the Ocean of God. And, it is in us, right now. We are actually that.

Jesus healed people and said it was their faith, our faith, that heals us. I have asked myself, what is this faith that allows real healing, and where is it found? I have never been able to find it in my thoughts or feelings, or by an act of my will.  I have tried, but it has never worked and I experienced a lot of disillunsionment. I have hope and fear, faith and also doubt. It is always a mixture—a duality.

Jesus demonstrated pure faith. I have learned that pure faith is naked, absolute confidence in God with no opposite, no doubt or fear. Such faith is like the mustard seed Jesus spoke of, it moves mountains. Such faith is divine, not human, in its origin, being whole and complete. Jesus said, anything we ask in prayer, believing, without doubt in our hearts, we shall receive. There can be no doubt in such a faith as there can be no shadows in the sun.

So where is such a faith? Only in our deepest level of being. At the source of our being, deeper than thought, deeper than emotions, deeper than imagination, deeper than will: in the pure spirit of our Life that is hidden in Christ, in God, there is complete, childlike, knowing that with God, all things are possible.

If this is true, how do we access this faith and release it? That is the big question.

Asking God for healing is ok, but by asking for it we assume that we don't have it. You don't ask for something you already have. We must move from this position of not having to the place of receiving and having. With this shift, miracles can actually happen.

Here is a little exercise. Try it. See what happens. God loves you with limitless Love, no matter what happens, healing or sickness, vitality or release from your body, His Love is as constant as sunshine. If you are physically healed in your body or not, you are loved just as much, either way. That is important to know.

Exercise: Waiting on God and Opening to Receive Him

elax as much as possible for tension blocks us. Just take in a deep breath very slowly. Tighten up your neck muscles, and then let them go. Breathe in again and breathe out even slower than you breathe in. This will relax you. When you feel yourself calming pay attention to the feeling of breath entering your body. Feel it move through your nose or mouth. Draw it deep into your chest and feel the emptiness of air filling your lungs. Do this until you really feel an open empty feeling, then draw this feeling deeper into your heart.

An open door is an empty space. There must be an openness for God to move through. Use this open, empty feeling of breath. Draw it deeper. Ride it into your deep heart where there is only open receptivity to God, there, in your deepest level of being.

Listening and Sensing:

When you sense this openness deep in your heart, then listen very carefully. Keep breathing. Feel the emptiness in your heart and listen to it. Listen to the silence that is always there. Feel the silence. That is where your true self is, the one who listens to your thoughts and feels your feelings. That is where Christ is. Be still and know that I am God.* Know this: God is in you.


After you sense the inner stillness for a while and have rested in God's Presence, then "see" with the eyes of your heart, with imagination, like a little child, white light pouring out of that empty place and flooding every cell of your body. See this Light of God making radiant the specific area of illness or injury. Let it shine in your imagery. See your body as bright as the sun. Let God Love you with limitless Love, flooding every cell in your body. Let the deep reality of your perfect, spiritual body fill your physical body.

If you have trouble with imaginative imagery, remember the brightess of the sun, then imagine yourself walking into it. Imagine it shining out all around and through you. Practice and it will get clearer.

Using Breath

You can also use your breath to help. As you breathe in, imagine an open pathway right through your chest into the Infinite Light and Love of God. As you breathe out, imagine this Light flowing through all your body. With one breath let it flow from heart up to the top of your head. With another from your heart out your arms and hands. With another, down to your stomach and through your legs and out your feet. Then breathe it right into the area of sickness or pain. Let your breath carry the Light, like a flowing river to soak the area of sickness in Light, melting away all blockages, all darkness. God's Spirit will flow through your awareness and imagination aided by your breath.

Matching God's Energy

Your physical body is pure energy. This energy can completly change if influenced by a deeper, more subtle, yet powerful energy coming out of that open, silent place, God's presence within you. Your body is full of intelligence. It can resonate with, or match the high, pure vibration of the Holy you are allowing to fill you. When that happens, there is healing.

Your job is to hold space for God's Presence to flood you. The rest is between God and your body. Don't anxiously try to do what only God and your body intelligence can do.

Let God's Love Pour Through

The Love of God is poured through our hearts by the Holy Spirit.* Let the Love pour through your imaginative imagery and move with your breath as you are connected to that open, holy place within. Let God's Love love and fill your body, opening everything up, melting all sickness and blockages away. Practice, then rest in thankfulness. Just rest.

Healing is a Gift

Healing is a grace of God. It flows out of His infinite Love and radiant, self-giving nature. Don't try to be worthy of this gift. Let grace give you all that God, in infinite Love and wisdom, wills to release in you.

If You Feel Blocked
Blockage may come from unresolved guilt, or negative believes that make you feel somehow your sickness is balancing out a wrong in your life. Or you may have some belief that there is an advantage to this sickness. Perhaps it brings you attention, or helps you escape some aspect of life you don't feel capable of facing. Or you may have adapted so much to it, that many things must shift to allow health to return. If you feel blocked, the EFT workshop is especially good to turn around negative beliefs and open things up. Also, the workshop on Healing in God's Love is wonderful to help you drink in God's limitless Love. If your heart is healed in Love, the body can soon follow. If people around you are open to God's Spirit the workshop on Blessing combined with this one is fantastic. You will be blessed in the doing.

"All things are possible with God." Jesus *

Please know, if you are not physically healed, it is not a sign that God or you have failed. We bow to God's will when we accept what is with Love. But healing is always possible. Many people have been healed of advanced cancers and all kinds of sicknesses through these methods. Be a child. Do these exercises of faith every day. It will get easier and more vivid as you practice. See what happens.

May you be blessed with limitless Love loving you, in every cell of your brain and body until you shine with Light and are radiant with health, here and in higher worlds, forever. Amen, so may it be.

* Chapter and verses are not given for these scriptures in order to not encourage people to put their trust in the Bible verses alone rather than moving through them into the actual spiritual reality the Bible authors wrote about.

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