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Blessing Others and Being Blessed


As you grow more open and sensitive the instinct of Love will be to share these wonderful sensations of peace and joy. Of course, Love never, ever forces itself. Blessing only flows to those who want to be blessed, so never try and force it on someone. Love always seeks the highest good and gives of itself freely. Flow in these ways and the blessings will happen. Just be free and open and willing to share and others will be drawn to your joy.


It is very simple to bless others. Simply hold pure motives to freely bless someone and then stretch out your hands and relax. Self consciousness shuts things down, so focus on the other person completely and the Spirit will flow through you. Use your breath to help you stay open and to enhance the flow through you.

The person being blessed can stand, preferably with their hands open and facing up, as a bodily expession of open receptivity. Or you may want to have them sit down so they can relax, putting the chair where you can easily move around them. Or they can even lie down. It is up to them.

You can bless two ways, touching or not touching. It takes more sensitivity to bless without touching, but it can be even more powerful. Try both ways.


Place your hands on either the sides of the head or back of the head and forehead. Or place your hands on their shoulders. You may put a hand over their heart and the other on their back, or on their stomach and lower back. Ask them if they have something in their body that is bothering them, and put a hand (with their permission) over that area or sandwiching it between your hands if possible… and simply relax. Focus on them and your intention to bless. Use slow breathing to enhance the flow through your body to them. Sense what is happening in a relaxed state. Don’t try. Trying creates tension. Relax and trust.


Put your hands close to them and sense the energy radiating from them. If an area seems weak, put your hands very close to that area and let the Spirit flow through.

Bless the aura all around their head. Feel for their energy, and open it up with gentle lifting and opening movements with your hands, as if you were drawing their aura out larger. Imagine it growing large and bright. Stay relaxed and focused on them, the energy and your intention to bless.

Praying is wishing to God. Wish to God for the highest good of those you bless. Say it outloud. Words are very powerful to bless when spoken in the flow of the Spirit! You don't have to shout, a whisper will do when spoken with the intention of Love. Ask them what they would like you to pray for. Wish for that. Wish to God for their healing. Wish to God for their happiness. And as always, give thanks. Thankfulness is such an important key to letting the blessing flow.

The Five Keys of Blessing:
A Pure Intention
The Flow of the Spirit
Use of Hands
And Speaking Words of Love

Giving thanks to the Divine Source of all this blessing is such a great way to finish. You can also pat the person you have blessed gently over the heart as a sign that the time is done. Or, be silent together for a while, and just sense the beautiful Love and Holy Presence that is in and with you.

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Here is a giving of thanks for blessing that I hope will inspire you.



Mutual blessing is an incredibly beautiful thing to do. You face each other and both give and receive at the same time. Keep strong and loving eye contact. (If this feels hard, it is because of an old wound, or poor sense of self. Ask to be blessed to let it go.) As each of you bless and are blessed, the circle of blessing flows and grows stronger and stronger. This is an incredible blessing. It can make you feel as if you are in heaven.


Physical healing happens when the body resonates with, or matches, the high, pure vibration created in it by blessing. Simply bless the area where there is pain using all you have learned, intention, hands, breath, etc. Your job is to allow the high, pure vibration of blessing to flow into their body. The body can resonate, or match this vibration. When that happens there is an energy shift from sickness, which is blocked energy, to free-flowing, vital health.

If the pain moves, follow it with your hands, flowing blessing in until it melts away. Have the person rate the pain, from 0 being none, to 10 being super intense. When the number is 0 the work is done. It may take a series of blessings, but if you really want to help them, and they are open to it, keep it up.

To Learn More: see Healing in Christ that focuses specifically on healing. Also the EFT workshop show how to undo unconscious blocks to healing. WE ALL HAVE THE GIFT TO HEAL. THAT MEANS YOU TOO. YOU ONLY NEED TO OPEN UP THE FLOW THROUGH YOU AND GIVE IT.


If you are in an intimate relationship do the Mutual Blessing and when you can’t stand it anymore because it's just too beautiful, then make passionate love. What a blessing! It will have you bursting out of your skin with ecstatic joy.


Bless the property you live on by waking around it, praying and wishing for God’s Presence and angels to manifest Love and joy. Bless your house, every room. This cleanses it of old negative energies. You will sense a real difference. Just open your arms and heart and wish for Love, joy and peace to fill each room as you walk through it. Point your hands around, as if Laser Light beamed out of them. If there is a bad energy, delete it as you fill the room with freshness, with the Light and Love of God that is greater than all negative energies.


Children love to be blessed. If they see you blessing others, they may ask to be blessed. Of course, never force them! Make a fun game of it.

If they are shy, why not bless them when they are asleep. That is the very best way to bless children. Their little spirit soaks it up. Us the non touching technique so you don’t wake them, or if its an infant, just hold them and with intention let the Spirit flow through you. This happens all the time naturally when you are giving Love to your baby.


Yes, bless everything. Bless the trees. Bless the flowers. Bless Mother Earth. Bless your pets. Bless wild animals and birds. Wish blessing on all Creation. We have all heard of plants growing huge because they were loved and blessed. Its true! Blessing isn't crazy. Not blessing is crazy. Dare to step into Love's reality. Try it.


The more you exercise blessing, the stronger it gets. Spend time with it. So much newness will come to your life as you surrender to bless and be blessed. Be healed! Be full of Love and happiness! You were born for this!


The HOL workshop (Harmonious Opening in Love) gives you a completely developed progression for developing personal spiritual openness through blessing. So to receive LOTS MORE PERSONAL BLESSING, please see the HOL workshop too.

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