The Inner Healing Center is a freely given resource providing you with tools to help you grow into the fullest, freest expression of life’s highest expression — what we may call Real Love.

What is Real Love? Ah, discovering the answer to that question is the great adventure of life. Love can be described but never contained in its descriptions, for real Love is not a concept or even a belief system: it is the Life-giving power of existence. Real Love is the highest principle of life, the source of all true human happiness. It is harmony, goodness, tenderness, creative freedom, beauty, wisdom, wonder and so much more.

To grow open and free in Real Love is the ultimate meaning of our lives. I know, it has become a clichéd joke that there is no real meaning of life: but this is not true. To those who have discovered where Real Love is and how to let it grow in their hearts life is pregnant with ultimate meaning: the meaning of Love. It is this alone that fills the empty ache, heals old grief, renews hopefulness, and releases joy into our souls.

Real Love is Divine, it comes down from high spiritual dimensions that lie at the heart of existence. The closer we get to Real Love, the more heavenly life appears. This is the path of awakening and transformation taught by all the Spiritual Masters of the ages: it is the essence of all true religion, the fulfillment of the dreams of all prophets. There are no words for the freedom and beauty of the Divine. To get one taste changes our lives forever.

IHC is here to help you with spiritual practices that work. No matter if you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Pagan, if you apply the principles of Love you will arrive in Love, and Love will illuminate your heart and guide you to your truest self and home.

We have all come from the Spiritual world into this world to learn lessons that can only learned here: here we learn the anguish we cause to each other by living contary to Love’s wise ways; here we learn how much misery we can create in our forgetfulness that Love’s nature creates mutual respect and peace; and here we come to recognize the supreme value of Love and loving. Here is where we get to practice kindness, the liberating power of forgiveness and grow to be free, compassionate human beings. If you really think about it, this is the perfect world for it.

And when we return to the Spiritual World, there will only be one question asked of us by the Great Luminous Being of limitless Love who created us all: did you learn to Love in the world? IHC is here to help you answer that question with a joyous shout of YES!

Explore all the resources available to you here. Practice the proven spiritual principles shared in the workshops. They are powerful and they work! IHC is an oasis to refresh, illuminate and strengthen you in your journey into being the unique, life-giving being you already are in your deepest spiritual self.

May all your ways be blessed with the happiness and healing of Real Love.

Blake Steele
IHC Administrator