True Nature



Truth is so simple. As Jesus said, you must become as a child, or even a nursing babe to realize it. Simplicity is the mark of the true. And what is true? The true nature of everything is true, of course. The True Nature.

The True Nature of any thing or being is utterly pure. Another way of saying this is the pure essence of everything is utterly innocent. It is what it is, and what it is is innocently existent.

All is innocent as a lamb in its True Nature.

But, how can we experience the True Nature of everything? Through the True Nature of ourselves, of course. It is True Nature that experiences True Nature: the true and natural nature of the sun, the moon, the earth, the seas, the rivers, the trees, the birds, the animals of forest, jungle, mountains and fields, our bodies, our senses, our sex, our souls, our spirits, each other. All things have their true essence.. 

To sense this is to know the poetry of life: it is joy, it is delight, it is life itself. It is to be full of life because you are Life in your true essence, your True Nature. We don't "have life." We are Life. These facts are so self-evident when we wake up to them, wake up to them, wake up...

To taste the essence of Life is to discover our True living Nature. And this is True Goodness. It is as simple as sunshine, and as self evident, and is radiantly simple, just as it is.

But, we are lost in our systems, religious traditions, interpretations, symbolic representations and painful misrepresentations, false beliefs and all the supportive emotions and life-experiences of those false beliefs.

So, our most essential job is to wake up to our own True Nature. But it is not so easy to become so clear and simple. How can our confused, self-entrenched, self-created and self-supported sense of separation from true nature be undone? This is the great question and quest of all religious and spiritual systems. How can the untrue make itself true?

It can't. So there is the quandary.

Then what can? Can True Nature? Yes, if someone manifests True Nature in a compassionate, outreaching way to inspire and draw us into our truest Truth. Something or someone must bridge the gap between the real and the unreal in us. This is where grace comes in: the unearnable gift of liberating Love.

There must be compassion that reaches across all experiential gulfs with wide-open arms, welcoming us home to True Nature. This is the saving act of the Divine. It is the meaning of Christ as our savior. The divine reaches across the gap to us: the higher wakes up the lower, washes us, welcomes us, liberates...

We must allow this saving grace to function within our souls. However we name it, the action is the same: unconditional acceptance, complete forgiveness, pure welcoming streaming out of True Nature deep within us to embrace our wounded, untrue nature into transformative release.

The untrue must melt into the true at its center like butter melts in a hot pan. Love is the heat that alone can melt our pain, our delusions, our grief away into all we long for and bring us home.

What we can do is allow it. What we can do is say Yes. What we can do is choose it. What we can do is let ourselves be seen and known just as we are in our wounded state by loving eyes so we can become as we truly are in True Nature.

Since God does not have a body in this world other than ours, we can help each other in simple and yet powerful ways to come Home. Find someone who will simply listen to you without trying to counsel you, fix you, or judge you and reveal yourself to them as much as you are presently able. Their job is just to see you with the intention of wishing your highest good. This is a HUGE GIFT human beings can give each other. You can do the same for them. Just being seen with loving acceptance creates a release inside.

Let yourself be known, just as you are, and your heart will open step by step as your nervous system adjusts back to functioning in the simplicity and peace of your True Nature which has never left you and never can, for it is your existence itself. Your mind will become clear, your heart open, stress and conflict will melt away, for the nature of True Nature is so beautifully peaceful and simply harmonious. This is another way of speaking about real Love.

Then learn some simple, heartfelt method for opening up daily to bathe in True Nature, to breathe it in an out, to enjoy its freshness and freedom. Let True Nature swollow you up in innocent wonder and the timeless goodenss of Real Love. You were made for this!

(The workshop on Healing in Love is a good one to help you along in this process of coming home. See also HOL workshop. Explore them all. Find the one just right for you.)

May the Great Love bless you without limits in the liberating grace of that which is forever True: your True Nature.