Stress is counterproductive: it fogs the mind, hinders creative problem solving, and impairs the joy of life. Stress can be a sign of inner conflict: perhaps what we are attempting to do is not in harmony with deeply held values, dreams and beliefs. Stress is also the results of the constricting influences of fear, the slow drain of anxiety. To work at the highest levels of our abilities we need to be relaxed, open, inwardly refreshed and at one with the deeper levels of our own inner being.

Because the causes of stress can be diverse, what is needed to get to its roots and melt stress away is also diverse, but there are some universally applicable techniques that definitely help a lot. One of these is to be very deeply affirmed that no matter what, we are valuable, we are accepted, we are loved—that in the larger picture, all is actually well. Another is to be exposed to harmonious sounds of creation which can sooth and refresh our inner emotional and imaginative nature.

Because stress is such a prevalent challenge in the workplace, I have created a series of free one-minute audio vacations, giving people a choice of refreshing sounds of nature or beauty-filled affirmations of Divine, unconditional Love loving us. I hope you will take advantage of these spiritual gifts to help you inwardly relax into your most alert, affirmed and positive self in the midst of your busy day.