by Blake Steele

A new time is upon us:
a time of spirit in our naked center,
land in our circumference:
feet deep in earth, heart in open sky.

In this time of extreme urbanization, when the dream time of merchants which so forms our collective consciousness draws us to the edge of a precipice—will it take the rising roar of waves beating down city streets, filling gutted department stores with foam to wake us up from a truncated vision of what is real, this materialistic spell? Will it take the extinction of the polar bear, or the walrus, or the robin or the bee before we awake to realize the supreme peace and Life-presence inherent in the quick of every cell in our bodies?

Our economies are driven by the myth that mankind’s most natural state is an ache of constant need; that the true nature of man is a ravenous consumer. Is it possible that this belief acutely enhances perpetual, restless, human unhappiness? Could it be that this perception, expressed through the artistry and endless repetition of the advertiser’s barrage spills over into bleak, grieving pain passing itself on: the blind longing for an unknown, missed cohesion in Light, grinding out more pain, inflicting our children through dangerous, degrading words, the harsh slap, the snapped and sapped issuance of loving awareness, plunging adolescents into needless alienation and densities of soul?

I am convinced that what is essential to creating a more just and beautiful world is staring us right in the face, reflected in the Light of our eyes, but our minds are mesmerized by a illusionary worldview propagated by merchants. We are so used to a consummeristic way of beholding life we assume it is “normal”. You need a better this. Life will be better with a better that. What you now have is just not good enough. More and more is obviously better and better. Of course, don’t we all know that this is just how civilization must advance: new inventions driven by human nature’s inherent thirst for something more? But is it? Can we safely assume that we need more and more and more to be happy, that we, by nature, are bereft and bored and need lots and lots of things to stimulate us into happiness?

As long as we believe the lie that who we essentially are in our most naked essence is not enough, that our inherently natural, unbent nature is not relaxed and open, fluid, creative and harmonious, but rather wounded, tense, constricted and in constant need, we will continue in our mutually created and increasingly dangerous dream. We will continue to act out a cultural conditioning foreign to the actual nature of our essential existence at the expense of the Earth and future generations. And we will never discover the profuse and free nature of Life itself as it can be, unburdened from mental illusions, pouring as Love and liberty through our open energetic beings.

To uncover and discover our actual pre-wounded and pre-indoctrinated nature is a process of unlearning, healing and subtraction. To find the primal essence of Life that we are is a process of consciously passing beyond the inner pain and blindness preyed upon by those who wish to profitably feed a consumeristic culture and economy. You are broken; you need this they sing and flash and infer. You are needy; you need that. You are empty: you need to fill that emptiness with the very thing that I, coincidently, have to sell.

Yes, I am empty. I shamelessly admit it and agree. I have found that the deepest reaches of my being, just behind my fidgety mind, are as empty and open as a desert sky. And gloriously clear, full of Light and free. In fact, I, like you, am actually in my truest nature a fantastic, open, lightness of the Light of Life as peace. And this lightness and Light when allowed to arise in our consciousness and bodily cells becomes an artesian fountain of contentment; a well spring of peace; and a touchstone that renews our natural sense of thankfulness and wonder —which is the very essence of human happiness.

Yes I am also broken—I admit this too—there is a lonely cubical in my heart in which a wounded, shattered and shrunken little boy lives. I know what it is to live self-imprisoned within a hard psychic shell created in a mad attempt to shield my core sensitivity from being afflicted with further pain. But this shell has also, in its time, been broken open to Love; cracked open—like every hard seed must split—to release the downward thirsting of the soul’s incarnational roots seeking the fertile, fantastic earth. And broken open again and again to loose the upward urge, the stretch and reach, the expansion of Spirit and soul into the nameless radiance I cannot see, but that floods me with Love.

We need a new way to be and perceive, that is ultimately as simple as sunshine, as true to nature as this seed that in our most meaningful nature we are. Our way forward into a happier world cannot be by engineering ourselves to be different than our God-given, natural design as some scientists are lusting to envision us: interfacing ourselves with digital worlds, downloading limitless bytes of information into bloated brains housed in shrunken souls. How many idealists and reformers have tried to change humanity’s essential nature and failed with each attempt? And the specter of transforming a soul-broken humanity into walking computers with skin has terrifying ramifications. Haven’t we realized that potent knowledge and humane kindness are not intrinsically interrelated developments? Haven’t we learned that power of all forms corrupts people and that it is spiritual Love liberating us from an egotistical thirst for ascendancy that illuminates us and makes us instinctively good?

What we need now, at this critical juncture of ages, is to open our hearts to the Light of Life that is our essential Being, a Light that exists in our naked core within an Ocean of the Light of Existence Itself; a Light that is packed with higher dimensions, full of wiser, more beautiful, deathless Beings of Pure Radiance. Not light such as stars radiate, or that of a headlamp or a match, but the Light of Consciousness that alone can arise to higher realms existent beyond the domain of photons, neurons, quarks or energetic strings—beautiful, spacious, Love-filled dimensions within the Light that imagines, wills, creates, holds together and sustains all that exists.

We need a shift in values that arises from the core nature of our naked radiance of Being — a shift that radically affects how we interpret ourselves, our breathing, our gifts of thought and speech, our friends as well as those who radically differ and therefore can be our needful compliments. A shift that causes new mental frameworks regarding our relationship to the Earth, the living mountains, the trees, seas and stones… A momentous swing of perception that opens our minds and hearts to recreate our social structural demands and economic models in order to support a mutual journey into silence and sensitivity, open heartedness and tenderness as mankind returns to Creation’s full spectrum of seen and unseen dimensions.

We need the earth again as the true stage for our mortal enactment: to be wrapped about with grass, rivers and trees, for the earth grounds our energetic beings, bequeaths us with metaphors of our inner landscapes, mirrors our inner weather, makes us beautiful as God-reflectant beings in the milieu of a forest’s green light, or the blue shade of stones and mountains.

We need to shrink our cities, pour concrete-bred people out into nature’s God-dreamt environment where we can reclaim our souls even as we wean our soils from the chemical addictions fostered by international corporate mega farms. We need to bring our open and receptive selves back to the human scale of small, lush-landed, garden-filled, creative communities. Once we recover our sensitivity towards this beautiful blue and green spinning planet in space wouldn’t we love to plunge our hands and feet into her, grow our own fruits and greens surrounded by innocent animals, bees, flowers and birds? Wouldn’t we love having leisure for long, heart to heart talks with friends and neighbors; time to hug each other and to lovingly know others as we are known? And wouldn’t we love slow days to mess with paint and fiddle with words to make our families and friends soul-rich with Love’s revelations and beauty? And wouldn’t we deem it a gift of inestimable worth to be with our children everyday, for hours, drinking in their innocence, allowing them to develop by carefree play and emulation, learning from them and remembering through our attentive interaction how to be wide open, curious and spontaneous, so we can be richly human adults who are joyfully wise?

We need a large-scale shift of awareness and with it a pervasive commitment to universal intrinsic values that lead to widespread human happiness. We need to release the inherent creative impulse of ecstatic Life within us. Each one of us must come, whether by inspiration, insight or suffering, to seize upon our God-given responsibility to find our personalized spiritual path of transformation and live out our own very human version of the worm’s path to butterfly. I know by an inward resonance of assurance that this world shall be set free from this long entrenched industrial revolution-born unnatural dream of what life is about, this merchant’s dream of ever increasing material prosperity based on ever increasing consumption that will somehow satisfy the human soul and make us free. I gut-know, bone-know, skin know we shall be set free from this dangerous dream that now threatens to greedily drain unrenewable resources to the dregs even as it undoes the delicate balances of nature—releasing wide spread chaotic shifts and suffering.

That a new age with new consciousness can emerge in spite of the resistance of deeply entrenched social conditioning and powerfully vested merchant-minded interests is not a pipe dream of rhymers and air walking fools. It is happening now, all over the world in countless ways, emerging as sure as the surge of Life in spring. Our world is momentously transforming, one soul at a time. Right now, somewhere, this day, this second, some soul is awakening in a passion to become free from deep fears, crippled developmental needs and misguided sensual repression until Life’s free flowing primal energies well forth through every Light-filled cell of their brain and body. And this soul’s progressive emergent freedom will inevitably and eventually influence and inspire hundreds of others who will in turn inspire thousands. It is happening, mostly under the radar of big brother’s scopes. Something is on the rise. Some seditious soft rebellion of kindness and Love that cannot be undone for the stars are ticking it as great wheels turn to release a universal spill.

As Meister Eckhart, said centuries ago, “All things are pure at their Source, and nowhere else.” Free flowing innocent Life-force energy, like pure sunlit water, flows from its great white glacerial Omnipotent Source seeking to express through us its inherent harmonious nature in form, color and that vibrant song that now sleeps in silence—and this unencumbered clean, softly wild Spirit is arising. A cosmic Light emergent from infinite sheets of naked space is being ‘turned up’ even as the curtain falls on old, ego-driven patterns of fear and greed. It is time.

We are at the cusp of the sea-change of perceptual shifts accompanied by new energy sources that will revolutionize social function as we tap into the infinite energy potential of pure, naked nothing and recover building methods and materials as cheap as the dirt at our feet. Awakened people will create new soul-honoring uses of technology, healthful and harmonious community models, ingenious economic modes and social patterns unchained from profit mill corporate structures because we realize at last on a wide scale and over a broad spectrum that happiness comes in simplicity and the freedom to focus on what is warm, and human, laughing and holy. We will move to paradigms of less and less that lead to lightness of being instead of the heavily burdened, debt encumbered more and more in our mad pursuit of a happiness and security that does not exist.

Everything is shifting, because it must, moving from the constipated gigantic to the efficient and human-scaled small, from a centralized power-glutted, glitzed and glamorized, to easy going, walking speed local. It is as irreversible as all true growth is, for as the tree cannot return to be its seed, the awakened mind shall not return to the delusive dreams and shackles in which it once slept. We are in the midst of a widespread and diverse, Divinely orchestrated arousal pouring through the stars to cradle God’s Earth in loving, light-filled hands: whispering to deep hearts beyond the spheres of conscious knowing; stirring, urging, beckoning into an opening of being that spans all cultures and transcends all religions to support new visions, awaken more authentic longings and affirm universally shared values imprinted in our deepest self like circular patterns in the heartwood of trees. Values not cunningly bent and spun to serve false premises and promises imposed for the financial benefit of the privileged and powerful, but emergent straight, self-verifiable and true from the essence and fabric of each common person’s heart: values that draw us in to the center of our souls and open us wide to our children, our lovers, neighbors and friends, that we might join arms and dance a God-given dance, in rhythm with circling birds and stars, celebrating the mysterious wonder no one can own or understand: what it is to be alive, to Love, to purely exist.

© Blake Steele 2008