In our sessions we always smile and have fun, sometimes we laugh out loud as long as it doesn’t interfere with our focus.

Many people I have coached in boosting techniques felt the energy more intense and their heart chakra if they used a smile.

Why is that?
When we smile we contract fifteen muscles on our face and we move 230 muscles out of 630 muscles in our entire body. Isn’t it something?

According to Dr William of Fry of Standford University, smiling stimulates the human brain to release chemicals which inhibit infection and lessen pain. Smiling is not only the best brain exercise, it also increases blood circulation and heart rate.

Four minutes of smiling has the same effect as a upper body workout and five minutes of smiling is better then 5 hours of work out.

When we boost we use our heart center (Love). Love opposes fear.

Sometimes when we deal with difficult or painful situations it’s not so easy to “think” love due to fear, sadness or doubt. Remember our brain is not designed to deal with both feelings at the same time: sadness/fear and love/happiness. We cannot feel angry, sad, fearful when we smile. Boosting is about love and happiness. If you cannot “think” love or happiness or cannot smile, raise the ends of your lips in a mock smile. This will provoke a positive response in the body helping raising your frequency field, communicating your intention (sending Love energy). If you smile a bit harder you’ll experience miracles.

A smile does have the power to positively affect your mood.

Try this simple exercise and pay attention to your body when you do that:
Try to relax first.
Frown as much as you can and feel the tension in your body.
Now smile, and then suddenly frown. Repeat this few times and feel the body’s sensations.
Smile again. Increase the smile until you laugh. Laugh out loud allowing your body to laugh as well.
Note how you feel. Happy, positive, refreshed?

Apart from smiling if you add breathing techniques, the strength of your will and prayer you have an amazingly powerful boosting tool.

Note from IHC Administrator:
Since God designed our bodies with infinite wisdom and care, don't you think that He would provide simple, free ways to keep it in perfect health and to heal it when it gets ill? Never underestimate the healing power of simple things. Smile, laugh, sing, dance: keep your heart open and grow free.