What if at our sexual awakening our mom and dad celebrated us, like it was a birthday, or perhaps a Bar Mitzvah? Can you see your father excitedly inviting family and close friends over for the big Welcome to Your Sexual Awakening' feast? Can you see your mother clapping her hands and laughing as everyone draped you with flowers and sang songs celebrating you? Can you see younger brothers and sisters looking up to you with wonderment and pride?
What if your parents carefully explained to you appropriate ways within the family for you to work with your good body and its new gift of ecstatic sensitivities: such as those long hot showers teenage boys are famous for; or clean, pink dildos for girls; or lotions and setting up a sacred space within your bedroom so the ecstasy could be greeted with pure joy? Wouldn’t this build a bridge of beauty between childhood and adulthood? Wouldn’t this bring a whole lot of sanity into the world?

Does this just sound wierd to you? Perhaps we have a hard time imagining such openness, such naturalness about our bodies, such fearlessness about our ecstatic natures.
Until we bring our most basic life-force home to our deepest levels of self which are luminous, fearless and divine, we will never discover the full potential we have to incarnate pure Love and joy into this world.

If you want to learn more about this see the Sacred Sexuality workshop on this site.