Something wondrous is happening! There is a new spiritual pattern emerging in the world. Many people feel it is the greatest thing happening in our time or in any time of human history. It is influencing people everywhere in many different forms and expressions. A Great Love is emerging that is overflowing all the old boundaries, transcending the limitations of all the old beliefs even as it fulfills the deepest hopes and aspirations of mankind. Though spiritual teachers can be of great help, on a wider scale there is no teacher to follow, nothing to join, for this is a spiritual awakening coming upon us all from the depth of Creation. Its influences are increasing in many fields: the sciences, spirituality, and the arts seemingly on the cutting edge. There is an increasingly clear realization coming to many people's hearts of the simple basic patterns within which life best functions. And the really good news is the characteristics of these spiritual patterns are so expansive, life-affirming and all embracing that at times it seems too good to be true. And yet, the patterns continually prove themselves to be true to whoever experiences them.

We are being moved by the forces of existence itself to wake up and realize that Love really is the essence of our being, our deep and true nature, and that the patterns of Love's life-giving nature are what open, inspire, free and heal us.

In the west Christ revealed that the Creator of all is compassionate, all embracing Love. In the east Buddha revealed that the Source of all things is open, spacious peace, everywhere, in all things, giving us our very existence. What people are waking up to realize is that the realities they expressed are true within the very structrue of the Universe, and that all the qualities of Life we dream of and search for really can be found in the depth of our own being.

The ages are changing; the great wheels of the universe are turning. People all over the world are opening up their hearts and Love is flowing through them, washing away the illusions of separation, undoing their inner knots, transforming the meaning of their pain. People all over the world are waking up through all kinds of influences and ways to realize that Life is an astonishing miracle and the entire Universe is a gift being given us by infintely wise and limitless Love. You won't read of this awakening in the news, but it is happening.

Love is proving itself to be the law of existence. It is the harmony that holds all things in balance. It is the magnificent power that attracts us to each other and unifies us. It opens our sensitivities to the hidden beauty in everything. It is that magical, wondrous energy that makes the world come alive and sing when we flow freely in its nature. It will never, ever harm anyone for it honors each soul as the precious and unrepeatable miracle that it is. It will never degrade another, use them, manipulate, repress, or threaten them. It forgives freely, embraces fully, nourishes, and releases. It is greater than all religion traditions, all political systems, all historical and cultural patterns. It makes stars shine, grass grow, rivers run, minds think, bodies come alive--for it gives existence. It's influences pour through the Universe. It is utterly real.

Is this Love God? Yes, of course. Completely. But for many people the name God has negative connections of repressive, guilt-inducing religious expressions. Perhaps you are one who is "God wounded" instead of "God blessed." If so, why not call it the Great Love, or the Source, or Pure Being? Or call it Papa, or Momma, or my Love. Reality has its own existence beyond our language and ideas. It is this Love that loves and heals us all, no matter what we call it. To open fully to this Love is to allow it to teach us of itself and to melt our hearts into its tenderness and beauty.

Once we understand the basic patterns of its ways we can open to it in all things: in dance or meditation, in painting and parenting, in poetry and relating, in prayer and cooking, in gardening and mathmatics, in psychology or drumming, in religion and sex — in and through all things that we choose to be utterly open and honest in and to pass through into the luminous present moment of Love.

We have looked everywhere for open innocence of being, for a guilt-free existence, for the freedom and wisdom to be ecstatic and playful, for the gift of meaningful relationships, for purposeful work, for the affirmation of our amazing human diversity, and above all, for real Love. And where has all this been all along? Deep within our being: just beyond our inner blocks, conflicted beliefs, defense mechanisms, and buried pain. It has always been there, in the holy silence, in the sacred open space within which our atoms spin. All we secretly love and long for is waiting to open us and flow out from the pure space within us in which there is "no thing" but only Pure Being. We seek that place when we seek tenderness, acceptance, unity and forgiveness. We experience it in joy, rapture, healing, inspiration, rememberances of truth, and the courage to be real... And when someone touches us very deeply, and causes us to taste the honey in the heart of our heart, we can't help but love them, for Love flows from the deepest level of our being.

According to advanced physics, we are composed almost entirely of space. In fact, if all the space was taken out of our bodies we would be the size of this dot. . God is here, in all this open space in us. There is more divinity in us than matter. Awakening is becoming aware of this living Presence within our body and brain and that this Presence is luminous, limitlessly loving and free.

As this IHC spiritual festival continues to develop it will give you many ways to open your self within the patterns of this Love and be healed. Your old ways of thinking and being will be challenged, but always with Love, always with respect for your being, always realizing there are thousands of ways to think about the ways of Love and that the ways that are most real to you have great meaning and worth.

May the Great Love make you utterly free of all that resists your growing freedom. May the Great Love fill you with delight in the miracle of existence and flood you with Light. May your beautiful soul open in the safety of Love to let the unique qualities of your being flow out ever more freely into this Love-hungry world.

With you in this healing journey,

Blake Steele
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