Scientists who have studied the workings of the mind have discovered that ideas group together and find strength to exist through networking with other ideas, each idea supporting other ideas. Ideas can band together to create a self-supportive ideology that can gain tremendous strength to the degree it gives a sense of purpose, self-identity and security. According to some, we have a sense of self that is merely self-created. It will die with the biology that has created and supported it.

It seems our self-created sense of self is a rallying point, or an organizational center for many ideas and emotions of self-need to unite around. Or, there can be a shift where our mental center becomes a sense of self-giving to others, a self in community serving the good of others. This is a more unselfish sense of self, more open to relationships and the energy transfers that nourish the body, emotions and mind. But this sense of self also can be illusionary.

If all ideas were undone, what would remain? Pure awareness aware of itself as nothing but Pure Awareness. This is the very goal of meditative systems of real-Self, or Pure Being realization.

And yet, in the beginning was the Word.

Intelligence is birthed by words and the concepts they express and a world is built. If all is stripped to naked consciousness, there is no need of form. But naked consciousness seems to love form as form ultimately longs for more consciousness.

Many scientists would like to do away with the “concept of God.” It does not fit well with their idea systems. The problem they encounter in their “objective studies” is the same we all do, that our idea systems color our experience. If you “believe” there is no ultimate wisdom, no Higher Consciousness, no Ultimate Being behind all existence it is unlikely that you will encounter It, or Him or Her. If you experienced bliss, for example, you would not interpret that as coming from higher realms of bliss, such as a spiritual heaven, but just as a highly pleasant biological phenomena in your nervous system, or even as the nervous system’s intrinsically healthy state that is part of a mindless evolutionary selection process without inherent properties such as Love, mercy, kindness, etc.

In the light of world history very good arguments can be made that God is merely the invention of human minds, a system of mutually cohesive ideas designed to give us a sense of meaning, comfort, and strength in the trials of life. Look at the diversity of world religions. If they all came from God, why are they so different from each other? Could it be that only one of them is true? Or are they all false? Or, is each one a system of metaphorical pointers towards a reality transcendent of religion itself?

It is entirely possible, even probable, that we generate the gods of our devotions out of our own beliefs, imaginative powers and emotions. Perhaps this is the truest meaning of one of the oldest Hebrew names for God, Elohim, the Lord of hosts, the One expressed through the many. God as human experience could very well be a projection of the Love of God’s worshippers. This would answer why in Near Death experiences each person seems to have a unique vision of the after-life. Some have seen that there are many heavens and in each one the expression of God seems to be according to the beliefs and Love of those in that heaven. Does this mean that God is non-existent in a deeper sense? Or does it point to a Love greater and more diverse than we can conceive? The one consistent thing all people say who have experienced the higher spiritual worlds is that there is Love there to the billionth power. Where does all this Love come from, and why is it as it is: beautiful, life-giving and affirming Love?

No matter how much scientists probe into the illusions of the mind, there are some basic aspects of reality they cannot do more than make speculations about. One is how all sense input from our bodies is blended into the seamless phenomenon of consciousness. This is a mind blowing miracle. Another is why at our deepest levels we find kindness, compassion, and Love? One answer seems to be that these are the very qualities that are conducive to the biological survival of our species, for they alone guarantee mutuality of support. This mutual support is the essence of strong biological bonding which appears to be the key of continued evolution. But, if the whole evolutionary thing is mindless, why is its blind drive towards more mindfulness? And if the whole thing is a heartless accidental
phenomenon, why is there a blind drive towards more heartfulness?

All religions speak clearly of the “reality” of the illusionary self, a misdirected sense of self that causes conflicts, suffering, wars, and other forms of human misery. Science seems to be confirming this reality. There is “nobody” home beyond the illusion of self-supporting ideas and emotions that have created a sense of separate self. But could no Self at all be actually true? Then who is it that is capable of realizing that the self-created sense of self is false? Once the illusion goes, who is actually left? There is still the fact of existence. There is still the mystery of consciousness. There are still these deep urges towards Love, connection and harmonious peace. Where do these drives come from and where will they lead us? We will only know by following them.

“I know where I have come from and where I am going…” Jesus

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