By Kell Kearns

In The Consciousness of The Christ: Reclaiming Jesus For a New Humanity I begin with these words, “What is called the Second Coming is the illuminating holy fire of many of us united in love and forgiveness …studying, instead of war, peace, and acting with un-conflicted intent for the global realization of peace.  We are a vanguard that heralds a destiny of love.  Fully human, newly human, we represent a quantum leap out of violence, out of hatred, out of  fear, into our God nature.”

A beautiful, laughing Palestinian girl-child seems to literally float down a steep, stone street in Old Jerusalem.  Love and joy shine in her eyes.  She disappears at the bottom of the frame. 

What the camera does not show is that she ran right into me (I had camera in hand, and, at eye).  She smiled, laughed, gave my leg a big hug and ran back up the hill to join her friends.   There in Jerusalem, the great microcosm of the world’s holiness and hatred, The Divine Child had gifted us with the visual theme of The Consciousness of the Christ.  Ecstatic, sinless, loving without condition, she reappears throughout the movie when her innocent wisdom is needed.

Whether we have become conscious of it or not, each of us is blown across oceans less traveled, or ancient stone streets, by way of the cries and whispers of the sacred impetus of our times to co-discover a New Earth.   Those who do not, or, cannot, heed the call of this greatest of adventures, to embrace the peaceful human unknown with new love – will come when they can, or die with the vanishing paradigm.

We know intuitively the sacred land to which we sail.  We glimpse it when we live moments of unconditional love and forgiveness, fly from the chains of judgment, refuse to condemn anyone, see death fade, Life eternal pervade, and the beauty of creation shimmer in effulgent perfection through eyes of peace and goodwill.  In the visionary, “holy instant” of such experiences, radical self trust in a trustworthy universe pours forth from us.  And we know, intuitively, our divine destiny, should we choose to embrace it.  We are not isolated individuals but the emerging Christ, the global agents of heaven on earth.

Meditate on what a millennium without war and oppression will bring.   See suffering and lack overcome.  Imagine living without fear.  Extend your mind a thousand years into the future when the technologies of peace have long ago resolved ancient sorrows and we are free to spread, in the winds of love, from our seed-planet into the limitless bliss of wisdom’s universe.   Imagine a universe of absolute love, absolute forgiveness, peace and mercy within mercy within mercy.  The Christ message is that such a universe exists here, now, among us, spread out before us like a banquet.  We need only awaken to its presence.

What gifts await us under the tutelage of the one that the great 2nd century Christ teacher Valentinus called the “Jesus of infinite sweetness”? What is the Christed quality of our brother and way-shower who walked this earth as Jesus of Nazareth? What does Jesus have that billions have sought to emulate for 2,000 years?  What quantum freedom did he achieve by which he now opens the door of limitless potential to all humankind?   For me, after a half century of learning about Jesus, I remain astonished at him.  New heights of sacred wisdom still open for me when I consider his words or the words of those ancient and modern writers who authentically channel directly from The Christ source.  I find myself still asking, with amazement, Who was this guy? 

Marianne Williamson offers one good answer in the opening segment of The Consciousness of the Christ.  Marianne is one of our most gifted communicators of New Thought spirituality, and sacred activism. We filmed her at a large hall filled with people at the Renaissance Marriot, Detroit, during a seminar on ‘A Course in Miracles’.  She said, of Jesus, “He lived on this earth, but his mind was completely healed by the Holy Spirit.  He lived on the earth but he thought only the thoughts of heaven.  So, in his presence all ego manifestation was turned back to the presence of love by the power of someone whose consciousness had become one with God...Even unto death itself, even unto canceling out the ultimate illusion, which is death.” (4:40)

Until the 4th century Council of Nicaea, when the bishops authorized an all male triune God, The Holy Spirit had generally been considered the feminine, creative aspect of the Divine.  It was known in the Greek as Sophia, or Wisdom.  She first appears in order to create paradise in Genesis 1:1, wherein she blows as a wind across the waters of an expectant void; wind is often a metaphor for the feminine Holy Spirit.  She appears again in the 8th chapter of Proverbs, crying for wisdom in the streets of Jerusalem as Jesus would later do.   She is symbolized by the dove that descended on Jesus at his baptismal initiation.  Jesus called himself a “Child of Sophia”.  More later about Jesus’ undoing of the patriarchy, and the redactionists who reinstituted it.

For now, it is enough to say that all of humanity sails to conscious, wholistic Christhood.  No matter from which cultural/religious heritage the voyage embarks, or what the water over which we move is named, Spirit’s wind blows us across a unitive sea toward Love’s wisdom of awakened union, and co-creation with Divine Source. 

Christ consciousness transcends religion (and, gender, of course); it is, instead, Spirituality.   Christ is humanity’s true identity in at-one-ment with the Universal Sacred.  It goes by a thousand equal names.  I cannot stress this enough.  We do not need to go about the earth converting people to Jesus.  The conversion is to love, from which all will see that we are One.  In love, is Christ.  In love are you, yourselves.  Thou art that.  Thou art the eternal “I Am Love”.

Despite the travails of the moment, I believe that humanity, after ten billion years, nears its destination: the vast territory of Love where there is room for all.    Jesus named the land The Kingdom of God, or, at times, The Kingdom of Heaven. There, a New Humanity, whom he knew as the gentle, beloved Child of Humankind  (Son of Man), has dominion over creation.

In the film, Barbara Marx Hubbard chronicles the vast oceans of evolution we have crossed to bring us to the shore of human divinity. “We are literally imprinted with being beyond the animal-human condition.  You could look at the whole of human history from the expulsion from the Garden as the effort of humans to transcend simply eating, sleeping reproducing and dying.  We’ve done it through religion, we’ve done it through arts, we’ve done it, most recently, through science and technology.  We have been transcending the human condition until we gained the power of the atomic bomb and we saw we could destroy the world. 

“Now, going back to the life of Jesus within that sequence, the purpose is to be in the image and likeness of God.  In Jesus we had the first perfect, full example of what it’s like to be in the image and likeness of God, and he launched that story by all the gospels, including the crucifixion of the animal body and the resurrection to a light body - a resurrected body of subtle energy - to show us that we are, indeed, meant to be in the image and likeness of creative gods. ‘Ye are gods,’ he told us.” (3:15)

The way is open.  The time is here.  Humbled by the madness of the potential for species suicide to fly in the beautiful face of universal life and love, humankind must kneel in our generation to receive the long awaited chrism of Wholeness and Unity.  It is the only way out of hatred’s self immolation. 

Andrew Harvey maintains, in the opening segment of the movie, that all the tools are at hand today for our great transformation:  “I think that what we are now able to do is such a miracle.  We’re able to look at the historical Jesus and see the shape of his really radical revolutionary vision.  Thanks to the Nag Hammadi library we’re able to hear the authentic transmission of Jesus as a liberation of all humanity. And, thanks to this vast mystical renaissance that the world is going through, open to the truths of all of the mystical traditions, all of which speak not of original sin but original blessing, we are able to make the connection between the revelation of Jesus and the fundamental revelation of divine identity and divine power as the truth of human nature and the visionary truth of all of the traditions. 

“So, we have everything we could possibly need to incarnate the Christ force now - including a vast crisis that makes it absolutely essential.”

If we look for it, the all providing love of God is everywhere, moving us, not only to survival, but an age of harmony.  Our very existence is a gift of love’s Providence, as is the air that we breathe, the eyes with which you read these words.  Providence is love, and has brought humankind through fear and ignorance to this moment when Providence has made all things ready for our awakening.  Christ consciousness frees us to live with radical self trust in a trustworthy universe.

© 2007 Heaven on Earth Creations

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