Look at this image for a moment. How do you relate to it? Do you feel a draw to it, or strong rejection? What happens in your body?

You can talk about sex, you can talk about politics, you can even talk about death, but in spiritual circles if you talk about money, so many issues come up.

Many spiritual seekers connect negative things to money. It is a strong symbol. For many it represents world power. For others blind materialism. For others greed, or a temptation that would lure them from their spiritual values and path.

Of course, it all depends on how we look at it. Money of itself is neutral. It simply is a vehicle of trade. You trade this for money and money for that. It is also an energy that makes things happen. It opens doors of opportunity. It can supply what is needed.

If our spiritual path is in a wholly transcendental stage then we are in a process of coming out of a material bound state of consciousness. Our relationship to money must be seen clearly for what it really is. How much security have we put in money? Do we want money to support ego-driven desires for power or prestige, or are we deeply afraid of it?

I have been afraid of it my whole life. Money represented an oppressive world system that opposed and oppressed the realization of God and the wonders of creation. My goal was to live simply and to embrace poverty. I found out that poverty is disempowerment. We can romanticize it, and go on dreaming of a better world, but without a healthy relationship to money we have no power to support our dreams, to manifest them in a way that changes things in our own lives and in the world around us.

Money is a neutral thing. What meaning do we give it?

In order to move beyond a transcendental spirituality into the incarnational stages of a full, robust life where the Spirit is free to move all things through us it is essential to bring all things “home” to God. Nothing is to be left out.

What this means is our relationship to such aspects of life as money, sex and power becomes one of allowing these powerful aspects of life to become servants of the freedom and compassion that arises in us from our depths. We see them with the eyes of freedom, or detachment. They do not control us, but we are able to use them for the highest good.

Money is a cruel lord, but beautiful servant of heart-felt dreams. How can you create that community, or have the space to write that book, or take that dance class, or paint those images, or open doors for your children to grow into their full potential, or travel to those countries without money serving you? And how can money serve you if your unconscious is rejecting it because it represents the world’s abuse of it?

Take a good look at what money represents to you. Is your heart divided about it? Do you reject it even as you long for more of it to free you into all you hope to do in this life? All inner conflict must end to become whole. Until then money will not befriend us.

First comes the renunciation of unhealthy attachment. This is essential. We must be free of a needy, greedy, insecure relationships with life and come to love true simplicity that is in harmony with the limitless simplicity of God. Then comes welcoming money back as a beautiful servant of Love, compassion, creativity and true freedom in our lives. When the cry of our heart becomes expanded beyond our own healing and liberation and we long for real compassion to have its way with us, then we know that money is a tool of Love, to spread more Love, more light, more health, more help, more goodness in the world.

In this free state of being how much money is too much? How much Love is too much? How much goodness is too much? Allow unlimited blessing to flow through you. Why hold back? But don’t fool yourself. This freedom to drop all limitations comes only after the false self’s worship and rejection of money is clearly seen within our hearts. It is this clear seeing and true understanding that throws every door wide open.