Crowing is the rooster’s business, and the morning is God’s.
the Maqalat of Shams-i Tabriz

I may crow about the rising sun, but my crowing is not making it rise. I can share about the healing, liberating power of real Love, but the rising of this Love in you is another One’s work. It is between you and your Source that is deep within you. Only then is it real.

Mystics are people who are experiencing the divine birthing process of Love. They are people who are in the healing, transformative process and who are learning to deeply trust their experience.

We are all born to be mystics in the same way a seed exists to become the tree. It is a deeply “personal” experience for the seed to soften in the dark, split open and allow the power of Life to unfold what is written in its nature. No one can understand how this all works. It is the miracle of life. We are human seeds, deeply tender and sensitive spirits surrounded by the hard husks of fears and defense mechanisms. It is Love that softens our hearts. It is the mysterious power of Life itself, the pure Spirit that opens us and puts us in this process of unfoldment, of growth transformation, until Love is realized as the very essence of our being.

To have inner shells is not bad. They are there to shield us from the pain we have not yet been able to face and to carry our inner tenderness more deeply into the dark until the right combination of elements come together to split open our protective covers.  

It takes a powerful Love to soften our protective shell: a Love that is constant, unwavering, completely unselfish, truly for our good. It is the dawning realization that Love really is the Source and ultimate meaning of Life and that we are limitlessly loved at all times, just as we are, that starts melting through our fears and opening our deeper tenderness of being.

How can we know that Love is our Source and our truest nature? It is not a blind leap of faith. We just need to open our eyes and look around. When life is functioning at its peak, when human relationships are the best, when the most happiness and health is being realized by all, this is Love. When there is the most care, when people are being helpful and kind to each other, this is Love. When there is forgiveness and the gift of new beginnings, when the old burdens are released, this is Love. When pain is faced and transformed into compassion, this is Love. When our eyes are opened to great beauty, when our hearts are stirred by music that seems to enter the deepest reaches of our soul to wildly inspire us, this is Love. When we best express real Love we are at our best. How could this be if Love were not our deepest, truest nature?

And look at the opposite: when life is most contrary to Love it becomes hurtful and even destructive. When pain only wants to inflict pain, Love is denied. When fear prevails, Love is shut out. When there is selfish using, manipulation, possessiveness and abuse, Love is crucified and human misery increases.

Love is the way Life unfolds to its highest potential. The brightest, wisest, most mature souls who have ever walked this earth have mirrored this to us. These are the mystics of the ages, the great trees speaking to the blind seeds; the butterflies singing to the caterpillars about the way of transformation by Love, for Love, into Love.

In a real way, everything is Love waiting to be realized and released. Everything that is frozen with fear and locked up in pain is waiting to melt open and release the life-giving radiance of Love for Love is the very substance and creative energy of matter and all existence.

The sun shines forever and it alone can melt away the clouds that cover it. Love is our healing, our illumination, our freedom. It is up to us to open up more fully to its power and presence. Our capacity to share love with our world is in proportion to how fully we allow ourselves to be loved. Opening our receptivity to the infinite Source of Love is the key.

We resist this opening because of wounds. We don’t want to open the love-starved parts of us, face our fear, guilt, anger, loneliness and everything else that so desperately needs the healing power of Love to dissolve it away. We must meet and move through this resistance. It is the very Love we resist that alone can carry us through. Be honest about your resistance. We all have it. Be willing to fully feel your resistance and to even be for a moment a blasphemer of the Love you need. Only with this kind of honesty can you open up the negativity within you to the Love that melts it away. Only with this kind of trust and abandonment will you move through into your deepest heart’s desire, to be full of Life and expansively free.

If you want to become a skilled athlete you must exercise and train your body. If you want to move fully into Love you must practice opening up your receptivity to it. There is no way around this. That is what the workshops are about, giving you the tools to overcome your resistances and experience real, lasting change in your life.

Do the exercises. Take your time with them. We live in a skim the surface of things social environment, especially with our web surfing mentality. Slow down. Stay with it. Go deeper. You could easily spend a year on each workshop. Become the mystic you actually are.

As the number of workshops grow you will need to decide which one to focus on. Trust your intuition. As you read what is available, which one seems to jump out at you? Go with that one. Resist the temptation to skim through each workshop because your mind won’t get it. The power of the exercises are not in the words you read. It is doing the exercises that carries you into new awareness. It is the process of practice that opens you into powerful spiritual experiences that heal you.

Think of exercises as recipes. You can read a recipe book, but that is not the same as taking the time to cook and then eat the food. Do the workshop and you will eat the food: you will grow more open to the wonder of life, more full of the beauty of real Love, more spontaneous and wisely free.

And remember, Love is our way and Love is about relationships. We mirror each other. We need each other. Sharing your presence, your process, your growth with others will help them more than you know. Your open honesty will inspire others and they will inspire and strengthen you. Love gives. Love cares. Love shares. As you are inspired by the open honesty of others, by their pain and their courage, and as your life inspires other’s you will enter the highest form of happiness, the expansive joy that is our truest nature.

Love inspires growth in Love. Love opens and heals. Love makes everyone more and more beautiful with its inherent goodness. Love reopens our eyes to the wonder of existence. Let’s take this path for the sake of the greater Love. Let’s do this in thankfulness for the gift of the Universe and of Life itself. We are being given the opportunity to enter this feast of Life together. What a blessing.

Blake Steele
Araslov, Sweden