Love what you love. Love what you love with all your heart. Love is not possessive. There is no fear in real Love. Love harms no one. Love what you Love. Set it free in your Love and Love who you love and what you love.

Let your body love what it loves. Do not be afraid. The body is not lustful. The body does not love the poisons we have stored up within it, the repressed energies or physical toxins. The body loves good food. The body loves clean water. The body loves to exercise, to stretch, to open up and breathe. The body loves to feel good. It is the fruit of its health. The body loves sex so much. The body loves what it loves: to be ecstatic, to be open, to be innocent, to be free. Let the body love what it loves with all your heart. It will lead you home to Love.

Love is our home. And Love is the way home to Love. “All the way to heaven is heaven,” said St. Catherine of Sienna many years ago. All the way home to heaven is heaven. All the way home to Love is Love. Love is our way. Love what you love.

Love the people you Love. Bless them without fear. Bless them in your heart. Bless them in your thoughts. Feel the love. Feel it deeply. Love them enough to set them free of your grasping, fearful nature. Love them enough to feel your own pain of separation. Love them enough to rejoice in their happiness even if it excludes you. Love them enough to allow them the freedom to make stupid mistakes and suffer. Love them now. Love them tomorrow. Love them forever.

Love is our home. Love is our way. Love what you love.

Do you have talents you love? Why not pursue them totally? Why not make them a higher priority in your life right now. Your happiness, your growth as a human being is what will bless and inspire the lives around you. Don’t put your becoming fully alive off to another day. There is only now unfolding. Wake up to what you Love now. Love what you love and do it now. As the poet Rumi said, “Let the beauty we love be what we do.” Let the beauty we love be what we do. This is the highest expression of life you can live. Love what you love without fear. St John said, “There is no fear in Love, for perfect Love casts out fear.”

Love what you love without fear of pain. Embrace the pain for the sake of Love. Go deeper It will carve out your capacity for more Love. Love what you Love with all your heart.

Love the mystery of Life. Love its wonder. Love the stars. Love the sun and moon. What gifts! What miracles! Love the earth, the seas, the mountains, the fruitful fields. Love the birds and trees. What gifts. What miracles! Love the fish, the wild things, the gentle animals around you. Love life. Love breathing. Love thinking. Your thankfulness will explode open and with that, your happiness will go deep. Deep happiness is an awakened gratitude for the gift of it all. The entire Universe is being given to you to live in, to grow in, to discover the beauty of it, and to one day fly through infinite dimensions of beauty beyond your wildest dreams in naked, pure Spirit. Love what your spirit loves. Love the flying. Love the ecstasy and amazement that can seize you in this awakening. Love the beauty. Love Love.

Love your confusion. Love your inner pain. Embrace your fear. Take it all in your loving hands. These are your teachers. These are powerful, frightening friends that are molding you, that forge your soul into the beauty of this surrender. Love your teachers. They will melt through your Love and become nothing but Love.

Love everything you have experienced, your deepest pain, all your broken dreams, your agonizing trauma. This is your experience. Love your experience and it will open up its deep treasure of wisdom and compassion that is your highest purpose of being. Love the opposites within you in the kiss of Love. Fall through this kiss into the Light you have always yearned for. Love what you Love. Come home. All the way home is Love. Love what you love with all your heart. Be bold. Be crazy with Love. Dance it. Shout it. Sing it. Be free! Love what you Love. Love it, Love it, Love it, Love…

Blake Steele