The Light, Life, and Loving harmony that is the Source of all carefully designed us. We are composed of energetic layers of pure spirit, body/mind energetic flows, and flesh, blood and bone. Each energetic layer mirrors the nature of the one above it. As above, so below. Each layer is a more dense expression of the nature of its higher ones, right up to the Source, which is the supreme pattern of wholeness, the Free Being of the Divine. The layers are not above and below in spatial terms, but are within each other as frequency levels.

The Light Body images the pure pattern of a healthy body. When the physical body fully resonates with its highest energetic levels it is a healthy, open, free flowing organism, radiant with the Light of Life. This is the secret of health and healing: bring the lower layers into harmony with the higher layers.

Our conditioned mind is full of energy reversals. An energy reversal is where a deeply held mental belief and its clusters of supportive ideas and emotions is out of harmony with energetic reality: the more energy reversals, the more adaptation to disharmony. Each energy reversal causes constriction and stress. Energetic constrictions believe they are protecting us, but they are actually creating closure and with it more pain and stress. Fear is essentially this power of constriction. A fearful, stressed person is obviously not healthy.

The psychology of the future is the simple technique of bringing the conscious mind back into harmony with the body/mind’s natural energetic flows. It is harmonizing the conceptual mind with the true nature of reality through turning all energy reversals back around, getting the mind functioning straight and true. Free flowing and harmonious energy within all levels creates expansive joy. Free flowing energy that harmonizes your physical body with your Light body creates health, harmony and peace. This harmony we call Love. Love is when each aspect of your being functions in harmony with all other aspects and all are serving the good of all. The radiant, healthy body is full of Life, Light and Love.

The technique to reframe, or reprogram the mind is the basic principle of bringing the mental concepts up and feeling the energetic reaction to them in your body/mind system. Constriction is blocked energy. A natural energetic flow is then stimulated in your body until the constriction relaxes and opens. The negative belief is then neutralized. A reversal is made by stating a deeply personalized truth. This liberating truth is in harmony with the person's natural energetic flow that creates harmony, health and human happiness. This truth is stated while energetic flow is stimulated in the body in order to anchor it. Follow up is repeating the pattern as long as there is any “charge” in the constriction concepts and its connected concepts, for beliefs work in mutually supporting clusters. Freedom emerges as each cluster is neutralized.

Freedom is the free, harmonious flow of the entire system in harmony with its higher levels. This we call joy, Love, and spiritual happiness.

To experience this for yourself see the EFT workshop.