Your intention is your purpose, or the aim, the goal, the meaning of your will. It is the rudder on your ship. It is the key to your spiritual journey. With a clear intention you can move through your inner resistance which comes from old beliefs and emotions that must be outgrown. Without a clear intention we drift in the sea of emotions and experiences. Intention does not define all the details of your life, but rather the great undercurrent of purpose that shall be fulfilled through your experiences.

The workshops can help you define and develop your intention, but only to the degree you allow yourself to experience an opening to the deeper, God-breathed levels of your being where eternal purpose is written within you.

God, the Source, the Divine, is utterly Pure and completely free. To know God is to taste this purity and freedom, to drink of it and to know it is our true food, our real Home.

Here are a few intentions that come from deep places. Ponder them. See if they touch something deep within you. If not, what do you feel? Apathy? Cynicism? Anger? Guilt? Fear? Does what you feel make you happier than what these intentions would open you to experience?

1. It is my intention for every cell of my body to sing with innocent purity of pure Being; for every synapse in my mind to sparkle with creative freedom and joy in the clean breath of God. It is my intention for the innocence of the heavens and all the Love that is real and pure to pour through me without resistance so the Life of Heaven may shine into earth!

2. It is my intention to let go of all the guilt, shame, self-judgment energy of the past and let my whole body and being sing in pure joy like a child, like a man or woman who has overcome it all! It is my intention to let the free energy of God, that laughing, innocent, pure feminine Spirit live in the cells of my body completely. Yes! Yes! Yes! washing out all the old stuck energy of the past. It is my intention to be clear and clean!

3. It is my intention to know limitless Love loving me, washing me with Love, opening me, healing me, expanding my understanding, enlarging my circles of inclusiveness, flooding out through me in compassion, in kindness, in support, in forgiveness, in creative expressions to make this world a better place.

4. It is my intention to be free in Love, to be fearless to express my deepest values and most liberating beliefs to others for the sake of more Love, more Light, more opening, more deep knowing and touching of each other, more healing in the world.

5. It is my intention to be wild with Love, to be crazy with Love in such a way that is profoundly sane: to be courageous to break the patterns of social acceptability in order to wake up others from their hypnotic trances of self-created isolation from this great Love in which we exist, which awaits our awakening to serve and bless this world.

6. It is my intention to forgive myself completely for being a broken and needy human being, to embrace myself with great Love so God's Love can envelope me in waves of healing. And to pass this forgiveness on to everyone who has in any way harmed me so they to can be released of negative energies and come home to this grace and the beauty of the Love they have been created to know.

7. It is my intention to let go of all images of God that are less than luminous and liberating; to allow God to be boundless in beauty, infinitely wise, Love to the billionth power Loving me without limit. And to allow myself to be blessed without limits so more Love, more Light, more Spiritual freedom may flow through my life into the world causing others to wake up to the unearnable gift of Love they secretly long for.

8. It is my intention to be set free from the patterns of beliefs and emotions that have bound me in the past, and to allow whole new dynamics of blessedness, of self-giving, of clear communication to emerge, and to receive back all the support I need to live fully in Love in this world.

Develop your intention. Get in touch with your deepest self that is already free and that urges you to come into harmony with the entirety of your Being in God, through God, for God who is limitless Love, beautiful beyond all imagining.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Blake Steele
IHC Administrator