What is free in us has always been free and will always be free. It is beyond time and space. It is the pure essence of existence. It is bright and ever new. It is eternal Life.

The eternal is astonishingly fresh, clear and free. It is naked existence in us: our I am.

Our history is the record of our journey away from what is pure and free into time. We have passed through stages of primal innocence, woundedness, building defenses, creating a sense of self, growing, doing things, exploring values, learning many things, experiencing life. This is the journey of the soul. If we complete it we will bring everything within us home to the eternal state that remains innocent, wise and free.

Where is this? Just beyond the deepest level of our being. Just beyond our most subtle energetic levels. It is what we are almost entirely composed of.

What is it if it is beyond even the most sublime levels of energy? Nothing. Nothing at all. How can it be something? All things are of time and space. What is innocent, wise and utterly free is no-thing.

Do you feel beautiful energy when you meditate or pray? How wonderful! How blessed you are. Go deeper. Who you actually are is one step past this: always. It is the pure essence of nothing. This is the naked sky mind of Buddhism, the pure heart of Christ.

This pure essence of nothing is completely free. You are this. As you realize it, the shadows start melting away. Understand it, know it, accept it: you are pure and free. All that clouds this is the illusions created in the soul and held as energy in the body. There is nothing to be afraid of, for only illusions die. You are not an illusion in your essence, only in the fearful, doubing self you have created yourself. This shall melt away, so stop identifying with it. As long as you do you will suffer the fear of death.

There is nothing to crave, to grasp after, because we are not looking for what we think we are. Whatever we grasp after we want because we think it will give us back our true essence. Think about anything you intensely desire: what does it really represent?

Do you want to travel? Ask youself why. Do you want money? Why? Do you want a nice house, a good job? Why? Do you want success? Why? Do you want a perfect mate? Why? What do all these things really hold. What would you realize, know and feel if you had them?

Do you want newness? Do you want expansion? Do you want peace? Do you want joy? Do you want beauty? Do you want security? Do you want adventure? Do you want safety? Do you want honesty? Do you want freindships? Do you want opportunity? Do you want Love? Do you want wonder? Do you want freedom from guilt, shame, fear, oppression, sickness, pain, misery, the past?

All these things are who you are in your essence. We all really want the divine. We want to come home through everything we are seeking. Realize this. You are what you seek, and what you are is shining out of the Ocean of One infinite pure goodness beyond the capacity of words to tell.

“The pure in heart shall see God.”

God is the One, the radiance beyond all matter, within all matter, infinite and intimate. From the limitless spaciousness of God flows all that is beautiful, true and good. The harmony that floods out of God is nothing but pure Love.

Love the One, for the One alone is free and each of us is a ray of pure light, never born and never to die, streaming out of the One as one unique and precious being in this world.

If you want to be free of your history, you must first fully accept your history. Bring it to your heart. It is your experience. Push nothing away. Once you have moved through the fear and trauma surrounding all self-rejection, then your past will come to peace and let you go. This is the complete forgiveness that changes everything. (See workshops for help).

Do you want to be bound to your history, or do you want your freedom? Choose the first and you lose the second. Choose the second and you gain it all.

The freedom you actually are, innocent as a nursing child, has no history. It has always been free, and shall forever be: bright, full of wonder, open as the naked sky.

Just beyond all energy. Just beyond that tension in your mind you think is you is pure, open, innocent freedom. We relax open into what is real like the sun relaxes a flower to fully bloom so the light can caress every petal. It comes as a pure grace when we fully realize with our whole heart this is exactly what we have always really wanted.

Then the mind gives up its fears and bows before the true heart. The true heart opens into nothing. Love floods out without resistance. Everything is seen as it is. God shines.

What is real is forever and forever free. Be who you really are!