God is complete and perfect freedom. This cannot be "proved" through persuasive arguments because this reality lies beyond the limits of our biological minds. We can only open up wide and fearlessly to the higher powers of the Universe from our essential inner essence of pure consciousness in order to know for ourselves.

It is the same with knowing that God is Love, that God’s will is Love, and that Love is the meaning and guiding principle of Life. Love works beautifully. We can only know this for ourselves by living it. Love always gives freedom. There is no real Love without freedom and no real freedom without Love.

Think about it: if this is truly true this is very good news. It means that the Universe is up to something and Love and freedom are what it is about.

The Source of all is free and has given us all freedom. We are free to pursue Love, Light, lightness of being, joy, harmony, wholeness, blessings, healing, release. We are free to share all this beauty with others, to see them open and find release and freedom in Love. We are also free to twist things this way and that, to have contrary beliefs, to be selfish and heartless, to become fiercely cruel. We are free to pursue a developmental path into gross evil if that is what we want.

God is free and therefore gives all Creation freedom. All the angels of God are free in Light and Love. All glorified humans who are now in higher worlds are free in God’s Light and Love. We don’t understand God because we don’t understand the relationship of unconditional Love and spiritual freedom. God is freedom and God is Love. To know this we must resonate with these realities, we must tune into and receive them. We must release that which is contrary.

God will not make decisions for us. God is not that way. God has given each of us free will and it is required of us to exercise free will in every aspect of our lives. God allows us to make our own choices and God is totally for us doing this. We get in bondage when we are afraid to do this, afraid of punishment for “making the wrong choice,” for “missing the will of God.” But to follow fear is to miss the will of God for sure for the purpose of God is Love and freedom. Fear is constriction. Love is expansion. Fear is regulation. Love is spontaneity and creativity. If we understood this difference clearly we would began to understand Life's higher ways.

God is free and gives us freedom to create heaven or hell, joy or misery, compassion or vengeance. It is always our choice. We are here to experience this. I deduct this fact from observing the world as it is while I hold to the Love I have realized.

Religion is a constriction of God’s free nature into forms in an effort to preserve them. You cannot preserve Love and freedom: you can only point to them, surrender into their essence and become part of their dynamic. To the degree that religion substitutes the mortal longing for security for spiritual freedom, to that degree it misses God. Jesus taught we must transcend religion as he did, we must renew and transform, it, expand it into greater Love and Light. Only in this way can religion be a continually creative communal form for human liberation. Only in this way can the beauty of God flood through it in freshness and freedom.

The only security in a mortal life is openness to the Divine Nature in the center of our being. All other security is an illusion for everything changes and all things will be lost to us in the end… except what we are in our core. This pure Light of Life will emerge at death, the final loss of all that is mortal, into the endless freedom of God.

The caterpillar that seeks security is deluded. It is meant to die, melt down and emerge as a new creature. There is no security in being a caterpillar except in following the Life instinct within it to die and be reborn as a butterfly. All clinging to the caterpillar stage that moves against this free flow of the purpose of Life within it is born of fearful delusion.

Look at the birds. See how they function in spontaneity and freedom. Observe the free movement of wind, of fish, of animals. All elements move freely; all living things function in complete, spontaneous confidence. In everything is a natural peace; everything knows its true nature and ways, except for mankind. Our journey home is into a natural peace, a fully confident rest in the heart of our hearts, the essence of Life within which is the Light of consciousness. This Light is a free radiance. It is higher than all bodily densities, all pain, all pressures, all stress. It is what it is, Light, lightness of being, silent, observant and free. This is our essence. To rediscover it is to get our foundation right.

Freedom is our foundational essence and right and Love is our way, for the Ultimate Source, or Ground of all is Love and freedom. Those who resonate with Divine Life naturally express Love and freedom in increasing degrees as they grow. This Love is the only energy that can undo our constrictions so we can resonant ever more fully with God, and this Love is as freely offered as sunshine. This is very good news.

All the IHC workshops help you grow freer. Explore them. Find by experimentation what works best for you. Then stick with it. Learn to fully enjoy the process of growing free. It is for Life.