The Little Glow of Liberation

Used from the Quado Archives of January 16, 2001

Deep inside of you is a glow. It is a glow which begins from the very heart and soul of you, that part of you which is connected to all else that exists, that part of you which is deeply connected to your self which is beyond this self, your self which is beyond and before and after this life, your self which is one and undifferentiated with God, with life, with all that lives and breathes and all that does not.

This glow is in the very center of you, like a light, a burning fire, a golden glow of being.  It is your life force, but yet it is more.  It is more than life force for it exists outside life as you know it.

This center of you goes beyond who you think you are, what all of your talents amount to, your personality.  It goes beyond this, deep and wide and high, and yet is contained in a little glowing dot inside you.

This glow of you is made up of love.  You are love.  Everything about you is love. And it is all contained in this little glow, this little glowing dot of youness, of oneness which exists deep inside.

Your job is to bring this glow out, to let it begin to grow bigger and bigger, to let the glow begin to fill you, fill you with deep love, love of yourself and love of life itself, until you are nothing but its glow.

When you do this, your relationship with all other people will change.  It will change, because most of what you do that bothers other people, that adversely affects your relationships with them, is about your attempt to prove to yourself and everyone else that you are a worthy human being, worthy of respect, of recognition.  Almost all of your failures in life, everything you have ever done which did not turn out the way you wished, stemmed from a lack of self-love, from a need to try to prove that you are a worthwhile person by seeing it reflected in the eyes of others, by trying to gain it through outside awards and recognition.

And through all of this, all of the problems you have ever had, you carried within you the seed, the little glowing dot, which would solve all of your problems, instantly.

Go deep inside.  Find that little glow.  Let it expand. Picture this happening.  Picture the little glow growing inside you, growing and growing, glowing and glowing.  Picture it and feel it, experience it as love.  A great core of compressed love that wants only to expand and fill you completely.

Begin here.  Begin here with filling yourself with love.  Deeply, fully, completely.  In your meditations, your time alone, know yourself as one with the universe. Know yourself as one with the trees that you walk by, the birds which fly over.  Blend and meld in your love-ness, your oneness.  Know yourself as being fully worthwhile, for you are one and the same with all that is glorious and beautiful.  The clouds in their glory.  That is you. The fresh vigorous grass that grows in the spring.  This is you.  The bird that soars overhead.  This is you.

You are one with all that lives and breathes.  You are love.  You are made of love and only love.  That is what you are.  All you need to do is expand and let it fill you.  Let it fill you and be you.

And then, when you are full of love and understand that you do not need the approval or recognition of anyone else, you do not need awards, you do not need anything but yourself, for you are full of love, once you understand this and feel this, then you are ready for the company of others.

For when you truly love yourself, when you approve of yourself, when you appreciate yourself, there is no longer any need to prove it to anyone else.  There is no longer any need to make others feel small, for you are full enough of love and approval of yourself, to allow it to overflow onto others.

When you have truly achieved self-love, you will know it, for you will begin to feel one with everyone else, even those people who currently annoy you, who you think are less competent than they should be.  You will begin to understand that you are truly one with them, and that your love for yourself naturally overflows onto them, for you are them. Yes, you are one with the glorious clouds in the sky, and with the lowliest beggar on the street.  You are one with them all. For all is one and there is no differentiation. And all is love.

And from this vantage point, with all of your borders melted by love, with your core glowing and growing and beginning to encompass all that is around you, why should there be anything but pure joy and love to fill your life?

For when you see this, when you feel this, you will know that you have what you have been seeking all of your life.  You have it already.  All of the love you wanted from your parents, it is here, it is yours, you have it already.  All of the love you wanted from friends, from your siblings, from your coworkers, your teachers.  All of it is here, within you.  And there is nothing, nothing left for you to prove.  There is nothing left for you to gain.  There is nothing you need, for everything you have ever done has been based on this hunt for love and approval, and here it is, now, here deep inside you already.

And so, relax.  Relax and be generous with your time.  Relax and be generous with your love.  Relax and give to others, glow for them, let them feel your glow of love.  Help them find their own glow, guided by yours.  Let them warm themselves at your fire, so that when they are around you, they feel deeply loved and respected.

It may seem a paradox, but it is quite true.  If you truly love yourself, everyone else around you will feel your love for them.  It is a natural extension.  For within your love for yourself is the deep knowledge that you are them, that you are one with all.  And this feeling of oneness is found only within the heart of love which is you.

You are surrounded by help, surrounded by love and guidance.  And all of it is directed to this, to help you find yourself.  To help you find your own heart of love and let it expand.

For you are one with all, and when you learn to love and allow your love to expand, it will fill the world with love, your glow will join the glow of others, and all will be healed.  Reach down, deep down, and find it.  Expand.  Glow.  Be love. 

You are love.  Know it and be it.