This is one way of looking at reality, a way that makes sense to me because it affirms every aspect of Life. It is utterly positive, full of Love, in harmony with the nature of Love as well as the example and teaching of Christ, and so, to me, true.

In a real sense, what we call life is the dream of Eternal Oneness, for everything shares Existence and is ultimately one at the Source of Being, in the unbroken reality of Existence. The Universe is like a very vivid and constant dream of the everywhere present Light of Love who is the essence of Existence. Matter is like frozen Light in an Ocean of liquid Light. In matter, consciousness, us, we living beings experience a sense of separateness and thus, at some stages, painful separation.

Through this stage of experiencing separateness we learn so much about what life is like when we freely break the Law and ways of Love, how much pain and misery we can produce. After we have really absorbed this, perhaps through many life-times, we then begin waking up to God, in God, for God, by God. In and through all of our experiences God experiences what it is to not be God and what it is to discover the wonder and value of His own Divine Being. Perhaps, in a sense, a magnificent, many varied Soul of God is created and expanded through countless individuals who are shards, or living pieces of God — the Elohim. (Elohim is the oldest name for God in the Bible. Essentially it means the One in many, and many in One). But more than this, in this way God, who is Love, is moving towards a full, fantastic sharing of Divine nature: the One becomes a family of beloved ones, experienced ones, purely who-they-actually-are ones, whose greatest joy is living freely in Love for the good of all.

What resists our waking up to the reality of Love and the One is our self-created sense of self, taken on like some sort of spell, in order to experience this sense of separateness with all its consequences. When our soul is ready to accept the end of the spell and wake up, God starts to arise within the soul within this dream in time. This is the great, ecstatic delight: coming Home to the Real One, finding our truest Self. (As St. Paul said, “Christ is our Life.”) The Divine Child awakens. This Divine Self is pure Light, Pure Love, Pure Existence in the center, or highest level of our Being. This self is forever young, fresh and free; open to Love, full of vision, creating wonder and beauty, harmonious, happy and fully Divine.


Our soul holds our experience of separateness as well as our experience of waking and coming home to Union. It is formed, deepened and enriched by its journey through this world of dualism, pain, sin and illusion.

To say, I am Divine, from the levels of false self is false even though it is true on the level of our deepest Being. It is false to claim we are Divine if the false self identifies with being Divine and tries to “fake it” with the intent of glorifying its self absorbed nature which is contrary to the selfless Divine nature of pure Love.

But to accept that we are actually Divine beyond our sense of self, rooted in the infinite stillness and freedom of the Eternal, has many super important ramifications. One is, if life is a dream of energy in movement (matter and time) projected by Pure, Creative Consciousness, than Pure Creative Consciousness beyond matter is the cause and what we call Life, with all its relational dynamics, is the effect. We may seem bound within certain limiting factors the east calls Karma and the west calls sin or self-limiting beliefs amongst other things — but when there is a shift on the causal level of Being, then entirely new dynamics will happen, as if you were a different person, because suddenly, on the actual, experiential and energetic level, you are.

For example: one person has a Midas touch. It seems that everything they do prospers. Their instinctual timing in business is amazing. Plus, they are able to absorb loss and transform it into gain, so they have no fear of loss. Another person works even harder then the first, but everything they do fails. It is as if the Universe were against their prosperity.

The difference is the dynamics of their lives which are established on a causal level of belief, imagination, emotion and past experience. This causal level “holds” things as they are through the laws of existence.

We suffer our Karma and strive to change it. This is a slow journey of learning, often with lots of suffering that comes each time high hopes and hard work ends in disappointment. But what if on the highest levels, there is another Law that can be learned and practiced? What if instead of suffering through the process of continually slamming up against the dynamics which lock our life experience up in hurtful, or limiting patterns we could practice Creative Faith that comes from your deepest level of Being as your True Being emerges? What if on this level our entire dynamics can suddenly shift so that Life starts happening to us in an entirely new way. Then we become in truth, a New Creation.

If Life is really like this, would you stop pushing and striving on the lower levels, trying hard to change your life, and give yourself instead to learn and steadily practice this higher law of personal transformation and Creative Faith until everything shifts and undreamed of possibilities open up and your deepest, most heart-felt dreams start really happening.

If your answer is YES! then see the workshop on Creative Faith, and let the wonder happen.

Blake Steele