The way to purification is resisted by that which resists Love at every step. The way through is the utter honesty, complete surrender, and courage of a child. It is the way of innocence of intent out of pure Love for God, the Great Love, for that is the place of freedom, and the way to the place at last must become the place.

It is not necessary to believe that the story of the garden of Eden is literally true to realize that the great principles it expresses are powerfully true: first there is divine innocence of Being — everything starts there; then our eating from the tree of duality, (knowing good and evil) and thus loosing our sense of divine innocence in self-created moral judgment, "We are naked, that is wrong... we are ashamed. We hide from God..." But God had walked with them in their innocent nakedness and delighted in them. God as Love never made them feel ashamed. The Great Love made naked, innocent people and loves us as He/She makes us. We are made male and female in the Male/Female image of the Divine Oneness of Pure Being. The essence of our being is utterly open, naked and innocent in The Great Love. But now we have accepted the loneliness, guilt and neediness of our sense of separateness and live in it as if it were normal.

Thankfully, the way back to the Tree of Life, or Union with the Divine, is wide open. It is the gift of unearnable Grace. It is freedom from living by rules for it must go much deeper than that. It is the liberating Divine Life in us embracing us completely in Love. It is God's Ruah (breath, Spirit) Herself flowing through our entire being making us the innocent home of the Divine. It is a return to open, blamelessness of Being through the complete forgiveness of God made actual through our self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. It is this blameless innocence of being that is deep within us rising up into our awareness that makes us free. Then we will take off our clothes and dance on them... as Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas.

His disciples said: when will You be revealed to us and when will we see You? Jesus said: When you take off your clothing without being ashamed, and take your clothes and put them under your feet as the little children and tread on them, then shall you behold the Son of the Living (One) and you shall not fear.

Purity of being is nothing less than the Great Love in us. In Christ centered mystical experience the Source of all existence in our Pappa, the Radiant ground of Being, beyond all form, dwelling in unseen and unapproachable Light; Christ is the Creative Wisdom of God, the Divine self-expression through whom all form and consciousness has come into being and exists. And the Spirit is the breath of Divine Love flowing freely everywhere, from Pappa to Creation and Creation to Pappa, filling us with God's own Love loving us, loving each other through us, loving all the Great Love has made, and loving Infinite Source of all, for God's Love loves God completely.

Drinking in this Love is the path. As Jesus' friend John wrote, "As many as received Him, to them He gave the power to become children of God." It is our open receptivity that leads to our liberation.

Jesus saw children who were being suckled. He said to his disciples: These children who are being suckled are like those who enter the Kingdom. (The Gospel of Thomas)

Those children were innocently drinking life-giving milk from the fountain of tender, soft, motherly breasts. So in our inner most being we are to be drinking in the milk of Life from infinite, tender softness... the feminine breast of God that is in the very center of our Being. Be a nursing child and drink God through your heart.

...But I say to you that whoever among you becomes as a child shall know the Kingdom, and he shall become higher than John (the Baptist). (The Gospel of Thomas)

Drink in Love as freely as a newborn babe. A baby does not try to earn the milk of life. We need this Love to heal us. Become as a child. Drink it in and the Divine realms of Presence and Radiance will open within you.

The Great Principles of Truth concern Love's Reality as it is, and they are what all the stories and spiritual sayings are about. If we get lost in beliefs about the stories and miss living their transformational truths, then religion has become a snare. The problem is not in the stories, but in our minds, in our ability to hide from Limitless Love in religion, in our attachment to our self-created sense of separation, in our lack of surrender into the beautiful reality they express.

Surrender open like a child: find that sweet open place in the deepest level of your heart; drink Love through it like a baby and you will unfold in Love in the same way the great powers of springtime open tight buds into soft, fragrant blooms.

The Love of God is poured through our hearts by the Holy Spirit that is freely given to us...

Blake Steele