Blake Steele is an American writer, poet, photographer, international workshop leader, and creator of the Inner Healing Center and other on-line spiritual resources.

He has over 40 years of spiritual and healing experience which he brings to his writing, recordings and workshop work.
A prolific artist, he has written over 2,500 poems, two novels, as well as children's stories and the four volume, Spiritual Vision Series: A God to Desire, Being Loved, Radical Forgivenes, and Creative Compassion that combines his photograhy, prose and poetic writing. He has written lyrics for choral collaborations, and produced numerous audio products including 11 Cds of his poetry and The Luminous Journey, a Cd of music for hospice use.

What other's say about his work

"The words of Blake Steele shine with energy and insight. He has the generosity of a sage, a guide who would encourage us vigorously towad a deep inner place--and a fiery love for the trail."

Naomi Shihab Nye, Poet, Author
About his book of poetry, Wild Sanity
"Many of its images and metaphors are shockingly powerful. Passion and positive energy pours through. Blake is a good seer. He carries the sky with him."

Richard Rohr, OFM, Author
Letters from Readers

I want you to hear about the depth and reach of God's hand through you.

I work as a pastoral caregiver in a Community Aged Care Organization in Sydney Australia. Many of our clients are socially disadvantaged and isolated. One woman is greatly distressed with pain from osteoarthritis and other serious complaints, and as such is a difficult and unhappy client. On a particularly anxious day, I offered her 'A God to Desire'. She read the title and smiled,  sank back into her chair, opened the book, read some of it, smiled and laughed, her eyes sparkled as the words and pictures soothed her troubled soul.

One client is struggling with alcohol addiction, isolation, schizophrenia and the breakup of his marriage. He is losing hope. Through your book God is helping this man to see beauty again.

Heather Macey

I'm sitting at my job in the middle of the night and I have just looked at your website and re-experienced those days last July that for me were such a door opener. You showed how love looks like in real life. You showed how simple and innocent and full of joy love is. You are really a wonderful human being. I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. It went directly to my heart and swept away a good deal of fear for showing me as I am. After the workshop with you I am a happier me, more content, more loving to myself and therefore also to others.

Thank you God for sending me to your workshop and thank you Blake for helping God to make a better world!

Inger Ramstedt

A thousand thanks for the wonderful work that you do and the inspirational books, words, images…

I was given your book for Christmas and have just begun to read and meditate on the words and images. I have now found your website and am delighting in more wonderful words and images.

Robbie Winter-Blick

I thank you for your beautiful books. To look at all the wonderful photography makes me joyful and stronger in the spirit.

You have a beautiful mind - thank you for giving us your joy.

Lene from Denmark

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