The Lord's Prayer:

(Listen to an Audio Recitation as you read)

Radiant One who births Light into Form

Who is shinning your Light everywhere,

May your Light find sacred space in us.

Come through the ways that open Life fully

with the great, Yes! of unity we all can share.

May the desire that flows from you nature

come into expression on earth

through our consistent intention

as it is manifest where Light first becomes form.

Birth Life into the circle of our day

through a warm and passionate understanding.

And embrace us back to innocence

from the tangled webs of our misguided deeds

as we release into innocence

those who have burdened our lives with their offenses.

Do not let us be seduced by the illusions

that lead us away from the purpose of our lives.

Break the seals of what binds us from fully ripening.

For Yours are the fertile fields

sufficient to ripen everything,

and the generative fire of the song

that astonishes us as its glorious harmony

brings Your Light and Sound within us

through all of the times in which we are gathered.


Yes, completely, from the Source of our Being.


Possible meanings
from the Aramaic words and their roots
by Blake Steele


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