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The first part of this workshop will lead you through the basic EFT tapping sequence and the principle of a turn around statement. It this introduction encourages you, then please see the EFT site for more information, and if you want some real person support you may contact me at the bottom of this page to work with this wonderful healing tool.

Try this out. This basic tapping sequence has liberated thousands of people from all kinds of trauma. I am experimenting with a more total body approach as well to see if it is not even more powerful and effective. I have put that on the EFT advanced page which you can access at the bottom of this page.

There are some minor variations to the EFT basic pattern. I am using the following tapping points because I find this the most effective series for me. I’m already sensitive to energy flow in my body through HOL and other practices and I have found this sequence to be very powerful.

Tap with 1 to 3 finger tips, it doesn't matter. Tap somewhere between 5 to 9 times on each spot. Get a sense of timing instead of counting. The exact number isn't that important.

Spot 1: inside corner of eyebrow.

Spot 2: Outside corner of eye.

Spot 3: Under eye.

Spot 4: Center between lip and nose.

Spot 5: Center between mouth and

Spot 6:
Just below where collar bone
            connects with breast bone.

Spot 7: Just below breast.

Spot 8: Underarm equal with nipple.

Spot 9: "Soft spot" on top of head.
The sequence starts by rubbing the sore spot, (the blue spot in the diagram above, right under the collar bone and in the center of it). It is obvious when you find it. OR you may tap the sides of your hands together right below the little fingers (Karate chop area). As you rub or tap you say the following phrase:

Even though I feel, am...(voice your specific negative problem, such as angry with my boss) I love and accept myself completely. Or, Even though I don't want to give up my complusive eating, drinking, sex, self-hatred, etc., I love, forgive and accept myself...

This clears you for change. It seems to bring a sense of safety to your inner being which allows your unconscious to relax and open.

The truth is your unconscious may not want to change because of familiarity with the negative energy and having constructed patterns of adaption around it, so it is essential to gain permission from the unconsious for reprogramming.

Then you tap on spot one (inner corner of eyebrow) as you say the statement again: Even though I....(negative problem) I love and accept myself completely. You can add forgive, respect, whatever is most meaningful to you. The point is to say the negative with complete honesty and allow any feeling to just be and then link it with the positive as you get energy moving through your meridians with the tapping.

Keep it up as you go through the sequence, tapping on each point as you say the phrase that affirms both the negative and the positive at the same time. This "eases" you into what might otherwise be very painful if you went just with the negative. It also helps healing begin, linking a painful negative to a healing positive.
Now, when you say the negative that is bothering you, say it honestly and openly as much as you are able: even exaggerate it and BE SPECIFIC, for example: instead of my boss annoys me, (general) you could say something like, "When my boss flatters Mary and ignores me, it makes me want to scream... etc." Now, as you say this rate how upset it makes you feel on a scale from 0, being not upset at all, to 10 being steaming, screaming mad, or supper depressed, whatever it is. (If this is too difficult, see the Tearless Method on the EFT site.)

Do perhaps 2 sequences of tapping from area 1 through 9 as you repeat just this negative statement, and rate your feeling again. Just guess the number. It isn't a test. Now, when you have your number, summarize the negative with one or just a few words: such as "boss's anger", or "being ignored" and just say that as you continue tapping until you feel much more neutral about your statement. Zero is completely neutral: what has upset you is a fact, but it does not arouse a feeling anymore; you have peace. If the tapping brings you to this zero point you have restored balance to your meridians and cleared the issue. The amazing thing is, once neutralized in your system this particular issue usually does not return.
Now choose something for your life that really gets your juices flowing and say, I choose... as you run through the sequence. Affirm yourself as the most positive, free person you can imagine. "I choose to be loving and kind. I choose to fulfill my highest potential. I choose joy and health. I choose fantastic opportunities." Affirm Love. Affirm beauty. Affirm success as you define it. Affirm your dreams. Be specific. Tap it, rub it and massage it into your meridian system. Really enjoy this. Remember, you are literally reprogramming your body/mind energy system—your intelligent programming below the level of your normal conscious awareness—what has been called, the "subconscious". This is a powerfully positive way to end your session.
If the negative will not go down to zero or does and returns then your present problem is linked to something else, probably with a childhood wound, and this present situation is just reminding you of it. That is good, because this "present issue" can then lead you to a deeper and more complete resolution and healing.

If you know you need to track down the deeper source of your present negative emotion as you run through the sequences ask yourself something like:
What does this experience with my boss remind me of? or, When is the first time I remember feeling ignored and rejected this way?

Keep tapping as you allow your "unconscious" to help you. If a memory comes up then work on it with the sequence presented above. For example:

Even though my father ignored me and always complemented my sister, I love and accept myself completely... You get the idea.
This is the basic EFT practice. Though there is much more information on the EFT sight it is basically this simple. The only thing I want to add is I find tapping simultaniously on the top of head (number 9 in the diagram) while you go through the tapping sequence with your other hand powerfully stimulates meridian flow. You might want to try it. To learn about total body EFT click here or use link at bottom of page.

If you want to pursue EFT but feel stuck or frightened you can either email me and we will set up a phone session together, or use one of the practitioners listed on the EFT site. Another wonderful thing is phone sessions are just as effective as in person. I charge an hourly rate for sessions which I'll tell you via email. You can pay by Paypal which makes it all very easy.
Wishing you all joy and peace on your pathways to freedom,
Blake Steele, IHC Administrator
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