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EFT Total Body
Based on impressive discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies, EFT has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It applies to just about every problem you can name and it often works where nothing else will.

This workshop will give you the basics with some advanced techniques that I believe are very powerful. You can also download the EFT Manual from its founder Gary Craig for free. (CLICK HERE FOR FREE MANUAL). EFT is wide open and its founders encourage you to pass these life-changing techniques on to others. It is self-healing for the common man. If you wish to gain further training then explore the affordable EFT DVD Study Library. (CLICK HERE FOR LIBRARY.)

EFT is based on the same concepts as Acupuncture or Acupressure. These come from ancient discoveries in Chinese medicine that the body is composed of energy (as quantum physics says) and is healthy when its subtle Life-energy forces are circulating freely and harmoniously. According to this system of medicine there are little “highways” or routes that the body’s subtle energy flows through that are as important to our health as the circulation of blood. These routes are called Meridians. The energy that flows through Meridian paths seems to set the tone for the body’s health and is possibly important for cellular level communication. When Meridian energy flow is stuck there is a depressive influence which can be the cause of sickness. The purpose of Acupuncture or Acupressure is to break up stuck Life-energy and restore its natural flow to bring energy and balance back to the entire system.

A contribution of EFT is the understanding that negative emotions are caused by stuck negative energy in our bodies from past traumatic experiences in our lives. This stuck energy disrupts the natural flow of Life-energy through the Meridians which perpetuates negativity and can lead to sickness. To get free of negative thoughts and feelings you must dispel this stuck energy. As natural flow is resorted to the body system the “unconscious” intelligence of our mind/body system recovers balance, vitality, harmony and peace.

This is a much different way of looking at “psychological problems” based on an energetic understanding of life and certainly promises to be a better route than going into years and years of psychological analysis, counseling and prescription drug use which has a very poor success ratio.

Negative thoughts and feelings from past trauma disrupt our body’s normal energy flows and cannot be released unless this energetic disruption is melted away. Negativity is basically a reversal of normally positive, Life-giving energies caused from wounds and harmful interpretations of our experience on emotional and mental levels. (We know that such negative, reversed energies can grow to become horrendously evil and destructive).

Long-term effects from trauma often come from a fixated polar reversal in our energy systems. Our mental beliefs get set against our natural energetic realities causing inner energetic conflicts which are experienced as anxiety, anger, depression, etc.

With EFT, instead of using needles to help restore a free meridian flow, a simple finger tapping technique is used along with statements that link the negative energy directly to the positive energy of Love and acceptance. This restoration of positive energy flow along with linking negative concept to a positive one basically neutralizes the stuck negative energy in our “unconscious” energetic system. In practice this is astonishingly simple which makes it completely accessible to everyone. The amazing thing is often people are able to clear out life-long blockages and free themselves from depressive and anxiety causing influences very quickly, even within minutes, and when it happens the effects seem to last. Plus, as inner conflicts are resolved and the free flow of Meridian energy is restored physical healing often happens as well, because as Chinese medicine has said for centuries, blocked energy is the root cause of sickness and disease. Of course these discoveries are very exciting and hold tremendous hope for the future.

If this sounds too good to be true, that’s understandable. I can only say it is working for me in very profound ways and I am now available to coach people through EFT healing sessions on the phone or in person. (Click here to email me.)

EFT in its present form has been in use now ten years and the ratio of success is about 85%. It continues to rapidly grow world-wide because of enthusiastic word of mouth sharing. There are a huge number of exciting testimonials on the EFT web site regarding its effectiveness with all kinds of people, of all ages, with all kinds of problems, and even with animals.

Another exciting thing is you don’t even have to “believe” in or fully understand EFT to experience its effects. It is on an energetic level, not a mental or emotional one, so if you just to the simple steps, it works. If it does not work it is most often that you are holding onto some inner energetic reversal you are not yet prepared to straighten out. But if you will work on accessible, “smaller” traumas in your life, in time, you will have the confidence and clarity to turn the big ones around too. And when you are ready, you will have EFT as a simple and powerful healing tool that works.

EFT disclaimer (required by law)… I am not a doctor, do not prescribe medications and make no health claims. If you are in the care of a physician, consult with him or her about your usage of self-healing techniques.

That said, there are no records of anyone ever being harmed by this technique. Please take responsibility for your own well-being.

It seems to me that it is a law of the Universe that the really good stuff, the lasting stuff, is basically simple and free and of course works on causal, not symptomatic levels. Because these natural products and methods cannot be patented, the large medical research companies will not look into them and are naturally resistive to anything that would undermine their profits. It's a sad but true fact. Therefore, major health breakthroughs will most likely come on the grass-roots level through those who are willing to explore new ways of thinking and new methods of regaining and maintaining their health.

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