The Inner Healing Center's workshops are powerful, life-changing experiences. Each of IHC's 18 free workshop gives you structure, guidance and proven practices that will open you to the wonders of life and fountains of Love you are perfectly designed to know. Here are brief introductions to just a few of them.

HOL stands for Harmonious Opening in Love. It can be understood as a fusion of some of the best spiritual practices of east and west.

It is a practice in developing spiritual awareness and sensitivity enhanced by hand and arm movements. It is not meditation but deeply meditative states happen naturally through it.

The experience of this practice is like taking a bath in Pure Love every day; it is opening into a sense of infinite spaciousness within you; it is harmony and healing to your body and soul; it is empowerment to co-create with God; it is purification; it is joy.

Meditation is about developing an inner stillness that awakens and deepens your sensitivity to Life and opens your receptivity to Love; Prayer is about manifesting this vitality and Love in the world. They are two parts of one life-giving rhythm.

The meditation part of the workshop is designed to lead you into the meditative experience through a series of simple and yet powerful practices. The prayer part of the workshop teaches what has been called, “The Lost Art of Prayer. It comes from ancient Middle Eastern spiritual practices taught by Jesus and the Essenes. It is about entering a child-like but powerful co-creative relationship with God by discovering the source of divine, creative faith within you.

This workshop gives you the tools to allow unconditional Love to heal you by opening your heart until Love is loving you in every cell of your body, every synapse of your brain, in your thought patterns and depth of feeling and then pouring freely and naturally through your life to others.

Dance can be both a fiery and sensitive way to open your self wide to Life and Love.This workshop gives you specific progressions to dance your way through stuck energy in your body and discover deeper levels of yourself

All of the creative dances can be done by yourself with powerful healing effect, but sharing these dance progressions with others is a wild and deeply healing experience, and if you want to put together a group dance you will never forget the experience.

There are also creative family dances. Turn off the TV, clear the room, put on the music and dance together. The children will love it.

There is also a healing dance for those couragous souls who suffer chronic physical pain.
This dance is the joy of existence.
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